Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Painting with Artemis P Fowl

 Two weekends ago I went over to my daughters farm.
She needed help painging some commission works with her pea hen, Artemis.
It is quite an extensive process.
She bathes the bird first and puts her diaper on her (that I made).
This keeps the canvas clean when she is painting.
I got to the farm after that was finished.
She had a plastic tarp spread out and the canvas was ready to go.
My daughter opens commissions up for purchase once a year.
They are limited, and you got to choose a white or black canvas and paint colors.
She only paints 2 canvasses each time.
So let's get started.

These 2 paintings had common colors.
That meant we could start with them side by side.

First part of painting is to put Artemis's feet in the paint.
Don't worry it is non-toxic paint and gets washed off later.

She uses treats to get Artemis to walk across the canvas.

Bath inbetween colors for different canvasses.

This was the first painting all finished.

Second canvas, different colors.

This is the second finished piece.

Another bath after this and she turns up the heat so the bird can preen and be warm.

A video showing how she walks across the painting.

All in all a successful painting session!
If you are interested in a painting you can find the order info here.

She has a few spots still available.

Each print has one of Artemis's feathers on the print.
Pretty unique gift for someone that has everything!



Judy in Michigan said...

Thanks Artemis - you are a very good artist!

Ioleen said...

Pretty amazing! It’s truly something for someone with everything. Loved seeing the process.

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