Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Catching UP

I am home from NC and ready to share lots!  I will have to break this into several posts.
It's been 6 weeks since I had my lumpectomy. 
 I believe I have already said this but if not, margins were clear, and 
there was no lymph node involvement!!
  I *finally* got the oncotype score back and it was 21!!
  For post menopausal women this means 
I would have <1% benefit from chemotherapy so no chemo for me! 
 I was on to finding out about radiation therapy. 
 I found out just yesterday, that I will be having 15 treatments. 
 That's five days a week for 3 weeks.  I am pretty happy that I will only have to do this for 3 weeks. 
 So, now you are all up to date on what is going on with my health.  

We were in NC visiting our grandson and family for 2 weeks.  
We spent Easter weekend at Carolina Beach with Avery and his parents.  
We had a great time!

Very funny story about this indentation spot at the beach. 
 On Friday we went to the beach and it was COLD and WINDY so we found this kind of dug out spot and set our stuff down. 
 I was having a hard time just sitting so went to the edge of the water when all of a sudden
 a HUGE wave came in.
 Since the waves were big that day I was not alarmed until I realized it was likely going to wash over my legs up to my hips and make it to where my daughter, hubby and Avery were.
  I ran, yelling, "RUN" to them as I ran toward them.
  My daughter said the alarm on my face was priceless and she knew they had to get out of that place or be washed over. 
 Luckily they were getting up to join me at the water's edge and all 3 of them got up and moved before they were swamped! 
 They even got the bags up in time. 
 Only their shoes got wet (they had taken them off so they were in the pool that formed)

HAHA quite an eventful trip to the beach that day!

 I will share a few random photos of A now. 
 He is growing up so fast.  He is a funny guy.
We went to an aquarium and he LOVES fish, just like his mama.

We went back to the beach on Saturday.  A was not sure about the sand.  He preferred to sit in a chair.

He also LOVES birds.  
So of COURSE Gigi had to help him feed the seagulls, LOL.
You know everyone on the beach was like "stop feeding those beach rats, lady", but he was loving it.
I gave them Cheerios and and him Cheerios.

I will stop here for now.  We went to another beach and then back to the campground.  Lots more to share so please stop back.



Bettina Groh said...

What a great post!! Good news health-wise and loved the "vacation" pictures and text!! Glad to have you back blogging!!

Jenny said...

Great health news, always a relief to hear that the dreaded C was contained and has not spread. It's such a worry to get that news, as I well know too. But..... things are looking brighter, so its onwards and upwards now. Lovely holiday snaps.

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