Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Using My Stash The Flannel Charm Edition

 What do you do with left over fabrics?  
You know, the ones you cut off from other projects?  
I cut mine into usable pieces, usually. 
 I have made SO many flannel things and have tons of left over bits. 
 I have been cutting them into 5" squares.  
Well, my bag of flannel charms is now 2 bags and both are FULL.
I decided that I needed to see if I could use some up.
I laid out a boy and a girl version but don't like to repeat fabrics.
This means I was a little short.
If anyone is interested in swapping or sending flannel, 5" squares please message me!
This is what I have for the "boy" version.

These are the "girl" flannels I have.  
I repeated some of these in both quilt batches.
Lets swap!

I got some fabulous pull on jeans but noticed a snag. 
 I decided to cut the pull off and made a hole.
I got out my embroidery floss and put a flower over the hole!
When jeans give you holes, put a flower on it!!

I also wanted to share my new water bottle with you all.
It is now the boss of me!
It tells me how much and when to drink!
I need to stay hydrated for my radiation therapy so this keeps me on track.
Find it here on Amazon. (not affiliated, just a fan)

Going to leave you here.
If you want to swap please send me an email at



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