Monday, February 18, 2008


So I guess I am kind of a freak.  I write nothing and then have TONS to tell you all!  Oh well.  Two years ago when DD2 graduated from HS I set out 6" white squares of fabric and markers for people to write "Patches of Wisdom" for her and I was planning on making a quilt.  I had NO idea what kind of a quilt, but a quilt.  Her party invitations were a block "S" diagonally colored in blue/green (Her HS colors were blue and white and her college colors are green and white) so here is the design I came up with for her quilt.  The "S" (for her HS, Salem and her college State) will contain all the white signed blocks and the background will be split diagonally with the top being all done in various blues and the bottom in various shades of green.  What do you think?  I had a few people that didn't do a block at the party so I put a square of the white fabric in an envelope with a fabric pen, and the directions and I included a SASE so there was NO excuse for not sending it back to me!

While I was on a designing nut, I designed this 4 leaf clover to be done as a string quilt.  The CL's make a donation quilt for St. Patrick's church each year.  It takes me about a year to get all the blocks and then I (sometimes someone else) put all the blocks together.  The outline of the clover will be done with a white center string and the other strings will be various shades of greens.  I cut the center string for all the other blocks out of a green clover fabric so the centers will all be the same.  I still need to do this with the white so they will all match too.  The CL's can make the other strips out of any dark or bright green (no pastels).  What do you think??
Since you have all seen this quilt as Texas and U of M I thought I would show my work on this one too.  I hope you can read my writing!  Does anyone else use graph paper?  One of my friends wanted me to will her my design books!! HAHAHA, I don't think she would be able to make any sense out of them!!  I have the EQ 6 program and still resort to graph paper!!

This is the pile of blues I have put together for DD2's graduation quilt.  The CL's are also working on a blue and white quilt so some will be for that too.  In addition, I am thinking of using the "S" design to do a quilt for my son upon his HS graduation next year but adding appliqued lacrosse sticks across the "S".  (That is the lacrosse team's logo).  If I decide to do that, I may have to make 2 of those and have the boys on the team sign the "S" for the coach as a going away gift.  We will see how ambitious I end up being!!

Liz the quiltin' whiz gave me my birthday quilt back all finished so I thought I would share some pictures of it.  I did not get the binding sewn on but I did get it trimmed.  She used aqua thread and I love how it turned out!!  This is a close up of the back.
Close ups of the front.

Here is a quick pic I took this am before I left for work.  I will try to get a better one once it is bound and post that later.
Lastly, I found this adorable gingerbread hutch!!  DD2 and her college friends like to make them.  Their pictures on facebook of them making the Christmas one were priceless.  So really, I just want to see their pictures again as they make this one!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The quilting is beautiful on that one! The bunny hutch kits are just too wonderful, your kids will love them!!

Jeanne said...

Pam, I love your birthday quilt! She did a wonderful job of quilting again. I am always sketching blocks or ideas and use graph paper or whatever is in front of me at the time. Then I end up with a pile of paper scraps!

Kim said...

Oh, those gingerbread "hutches" look so cute! What a great idea!

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