Monday, February 11, 2008

The Drop Off

I hope you have enjoyed the gratuitous photo of Laxy, our dog.  She loves to sleep on the bed once we get up.  She knows she is not allowed on it with us, there is just not enough room.
I had quite a busy weekend!  Liz, and her parents and some of the CL's were going to the Methodist Boys Home (MBH) to drop off 40 quilts for the boys.  I had 2 more crazy rail quilts that I chose the fabrics and that Jane and Owen (Liz's parents) put together and Liz quilted.  this one is with football players and I loved how it turned out.  I would choose to make this again, I liked it that much!
Here is another CR with that wonderful bear fabric I loved so much.  No red like the other one, I used orange.  And made the borders green.  I found some wonderful tree fabric that I used in this too.  The plaid in this is green and black and the other one was red and black.
The director, Mia, is shown here holding up the other bear CR that I made.  She was so thrilled that every boy will get a quilt.  
Here is a photo of Liz's folks Jane and Owen.  They made a LOT of the quilts that went this day.
It is amazing to see all the 43 quilts.  (Yes, we brought 43 because we didn't want any boy to not have a choice).  We didn't want someone to get "stuck" with the last one.  It is always good to have a choice!  A local quilt shop had brought 30 the week before so there will be a total of 73 there right now.  Mia will call or email me when they need additional quilts.  I left her 2 fabric markers so the boys could put their names on their quilt too.  We'll have no mix ups!

So many quilts.  Mia, me and Liz.
More photo ops.  Dolores, Liz, Owen, Me, Charlotte, and Jane.
Jane and Owen made cookies and brownies for the boys too.  YUM!!
So that was my Friday.  I took the afternoon off from my job and went to deliver the quilts!

Friday night DH and I met my good friend and her new beau for dinner at Caladah's.  The food was great and he seems like a nice guy.  Her DH passed away a few years ago so I am glad to see her so happy again.  We then met some of my other friends at an erotic art exibition.  That was quite an experience!!  Really smoky though so we didn't stay a long time.

Sat am I had a class at the LQS.  One Block Wonder.  I bought my fabric in Indiana and I LOVE how it is turning out.  I will take some pics when I get home and post them so you can see.  I was so wrapped up in the class I completely forgot to take any pictures at the class!!  I did see a woman that I took the lone star class from last summer and that was fun.  She bought a LOT of fabric but she ordered in a collection that I bought a little bit of too.  

Sat night we had to go to a going away party for my nephew in Lansing so got to see DD2, which is always great.  

Sun I had to do laundry (5 loads) and then totally nuked down both bathrooms. I also spot treated the carpet in DD@'s room.   Then and only then would I allow myself to work on anything quilty.  I worked like a fiend on the OBW but I *still* have a lot of blocks to do.  I think I have 12 more or so to still do.  Then the fun of putting them on a design wall (read floor here) to re-arange and put into order.  I may take some photos too and see what you all think.  I may use the newly cleaned floor in DD2's room.  That way I can close the door and keep the animals out.  The down side is that the BR is upstairs.  Oh well, self imposed exercise for me!!
It is -14 degrees today so I will try to stay warm.  My computer at work is near the window so it is a little cold here.  Stay warm everyone!!


Jeanne said...

Great quilts! It's wonderful to give so many quilts to the Boy's Home. It must give you a warm feeling knowing they will be loved by someone who might not get a quilt otherwise. Keep up the great work!

Laurie Ann said...

We need more pictures of Laxy. What a sweetie!!! Love the crazy rails quilts. Do you have a link to the pattern, or did you just "wing it?"

Good job on collecting all those blankets. What a blessing for those boys!!

Saska said...

The crazy rail fence is really cute. The quilts will be truly loved at the boy's home.

I agree with Laurie...we need more doggie pictures!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

So nice to find time to drop by and see the good work you have been up to... and I see our red fabric you mentioned. Thinking of all those beautiful quilts made for those boys makes me very happy.

Lea said...

Oh, this crazy rail fence is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing those pictures!

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