Saturday, February 23, 2008

Woot, Woot!! you know that I have one of the most beautiful daughters on the planet. Hmmm...we went out shopping for a dress for her honors sorority dance (it's tonight) and this is the one we chose. Isn't it beautiful? (Natalie, you will never have to purchase a dress, Maria can use all of Kelsey's!) She got her hair cut and highlighted today too. I think she is wonderful! And on top of it all, she is a brilliant student, loves to do volunteer work and a fantastic and warm young woman. (I know...brag much??) But it is true. She just accepted a position doing plant biology research for the semester and everyone loves her. We got her dress on sale (not a great sale) and it is by Jessica McClintock (I can hear Saska laughing) but we loved it.

The sheepskin came from my friend Leslie in Australia (they own a 3000 acre sheep farm)

OMG!! I can't believe she even wanted a photo with her "old" mom!! I look hideous after a day of Quilt Till You Wilt with the CLs!!
Now for the gratuitous photo of Aiden sleeping in my linen closet! Isn't she sweet??
Let me know what you think of the dress. It reminded me of old times. I really miss her = (


Jeanne said...

The dress and daughter are gorgeous! You and Aiden aren't bad either. VBG
Seriously, all of the photos are wonderful. I can see why you are so proud.

Elaine Adair said...

re you beaming or are you beaming? Yes, she is just beautiful, but so are you! Hey, you're her MOM!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

And I think it's wonderful that you want to sing her praises... she sounds plenty worthy. The dress looks pretty, fun and festive. I will show the pictures to Maria and I predict she will "ooh and ahh!" Aiden looks yummy and snug, and uh, "hideous?"... I saw a beautiful, busy Mama... don't be dissin' my good friend Pam... she's the Spark!

Nettie said...

The dress is great and you're right, your daughter is gorgeous as are you. Thanks for sharing the pics. The kitty is a total sweetie pie.

Holly said...

The dress is beautiful and your daughter gorgeous! Good choice.

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