Friday, February 22, 2008

Seriously YUMMY

I know I don't usually post about someone else's post but you really *need* to check out Saska's seriously yummy cinnamon rolls!!  I mean it, really, go right now.  Why are you even finishing reading this?  Come back and finish this later = )

So I still can't show you the blue quilt but Liz the whiz got it back to me today and it is just stunning!!  Again, I can't say a lot but she did exactly what I asked, including putting some words on the top and bottom border along with embroidering the year on it.  In addition, she totally freehanded the entire thing!  The center is all freehand feathers and swirls.  I will try to get a photo of that when I get home as that will not give anything away. (Wait, I have my camera and the cord here with me at work...hmmmm). This is part of the center (all free-handed, remember?)  Liz is truly amazing!!
This was her first time free-handing the entire middle of a quilt!  She has done little inside border free-hand work like this before.

This is the back.  The thread kind of blends in with the water doesn't it?  It looks really cool in person!!

 Can't show you the borders or tell the story...yet.  I finished the binding last night so will sew it on with the machine tonight and hopefully turn it tomorrow.  Then all I need to do is label it and send it to my friend.  She is going to be so surprised!!  I just love surprising people, don't you??  I am rarely surprised so maybe that explains why I love to do it to others?  Who knows, I just know that I love doing it.

Let me know what you think.

Also, my dear friend, Karen, who is from Brazil, is getting married to one of my bosses!!  They are planning a June wedding.  I was reading Mrs. Goodneedle's blog (Feb 12th) and she is doing a thing where she is leaving squares on the tables in place of a guest book for people to sign and then making them into a quilt.  She will make them into a quilt.  I borrowed her idea to use for Karen.  Karen loves flowers (her nickname if Flor, meaning flower in Portugese).  So I chose some suitable blocks and she chose the one she wanted.  You can see it at the Quilter's cache.  It is called "Morning Star 2"  I think it will make a beautiful quilt.  We will just leave the center squares out for signing or writing well wishes.  Have any of you done this before??


Saska said...

Since I don't need to go see the cinnamon rolls......I got to read about the blue quilt. It's really pretty...and the quilting is georgous!

Good job. SO, when are you going to make the cinnamon rolls?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

What do I think? Mercy, those cinnamon rolls are practically leaping at me, and what fun to find another beautiful blog. And I think your blue quilt is beautiful. I just tried my first pass at machine quilting, and my respect for Liz and her skills has magnified 1,000 times! The two of you are a dynamic duo.

Mary Johnson said...

The quilting does look great on this one - it looks similar to the Wonky Feathers on the Pajama Quilter DVD. I've been quilting some of them too.

I love cinnamon rolls but I don't need them so I'm not even going to look at the recipe.

Your daughter looks gorgeous!

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