Saturday, February 02, 2008

Progress...At Last

OK,OK, so I haven't been very good at posting lately. I have a lot to show today. I am kind of going in reverse order so bear with me. After I made the sampler quilt for my SIL and BIL I made another quilt from those fabrics for my In Laws. I *still* had fabric so used it for my Doll Quilt Swap quilt (hi Natalie), but I *still* had fabric left over so decided I needed to use more. I had seen a pattern in a magazine where they put a cat in the center and built a log cabin around it but I didn't like the cat. So I looked on line for a cat I might like better and found the one I ended up using to make this "Cats in the Cabin" wall hanging.

Here is a close up of one of the cats. They were paper pieced and after I did 4 of them I was sooooooo frustrated that I decided that would be enough to make a 4 block wall hanging. I "built" the cabin around the cat only to realize that I should have switched up the placement of the lights and darks so back to the drawing board. I couldn't make any kind of pattern this way.

I figured out what I needed to do to make another center with a pinwheel the same size as in the cats and then made a frame and built the cabin around that. That allowed me some play in design. Not much...but some. I think it came out pretty well.

The problem was that I, once again, made too many blocks, so I made a table runner! Lemons...lemonade!!

Now, I don't know if any of you remember that I was making this quilt for my son's lacrosse coach and his wife who are expecting a baby next month. I entitled it "Spinning Crosse" (the head on the lacrosse stick is called the "crosse") Liz quilted little mice into it. I think it came out really cute! What an easy quilt!

The church ladies and I have been working on quilts for the Methodist Boys Home (MBH). I posted one that had the bears all over it in this same crazy rail pattern. Here is one of the football ones. I chose the fabric, and cut the rectangles and then I gave it to Liz's folks and they cut it up and put it together and Liz quilted it. I liked the way this finished. I gave then another bear one and one more, different football one. I think I liked the colors in the second football one better but I hope some boy will like this one too.

There are 70 high school boys at the MBH. We managed, with the help of Liz's parents to make over 40 while a LQS had another 30 donated to them.

With the additional quilts Liz's folks have we should be set for awhile. We should even have some to give as they get in new kids too! I am so proud of the CL's and of Liz's parents too. This was a huge accomplishment!! Great Job everyone!!!
We will be delivering them to the MBH next Friday. I am so excited to get them to the boys!

Last but certainly not least. Every year the CL's make a quilt for a sister parish, St. Patricks. It is in a poor area and in need of assistance. We make a quilt for their raffle. This year Liz had given me some Quiltsmart Scotty dogs so I chose do to that. The CL's appliqued them and one of the women, Kim assembled the quilt. The setting design was my idea. I realy like how all the plaids work together to make the borders.

We had 2 left over so I had Kim put them on the back and she appliqued a bone between them. I used the little brown one for the label. That particular dog was made by one of the CL's that has recently passed away.
Scotties on parade! Nice stippling and notice that every rectangle is outlined.
I love the curlique border quilting that Liz chose too.

I guess that's all I have to report on for now. I have decided to chip away on the projects that are either in some state of "done" or on some of the things that were purchased to be a quilt. This should keep me busy ALL YEAR!! LOL. I have been keeping up on the 365 day challenge quilt too. I need to sew some more rows together now though. Not sure what the next project will be but I will keep you posted.


dot said...

You have been busy. I like the cat in the center quilt. I don't know if I would make cats but a clever idea for a Christmas quilt.

Lauren said...

What a prolific quilter you are! I hope to someday be that productive. Right now it's slowgoing for me (I'm working on my first ever quilt...)

I love the Scotty dog quilt. The two facing the other way are adorable - a neat touch!

MARCIE said...

Wow, lots of show and tell today! When I first saw the LC quilt I thought it was pinwheels! I love that idea! It is a cute cat design also. So clever!

atet said...

I love the cat piece -- it's a lot fun and, hey, you have a matching table runner to go with it. Though, if you're like me -- you're about ready for all of that fabric to be gone after doing 4 projects out of it! Those scotty dogs are just fantastic. The plaids work so well with them and the backing with the two extra blocks is perfect! What great work your CL's do for charity!

Jeanne said...

You've certainly made progress! The cat quilt is really cute and the others are wonderful, also. Keep stitching!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Wow, stopping by here today was like going to a quilt show, a really good one! They're all great~ but I especially like the baby quilt with the mouse quilting!

Lea said...

Hi, Thank you for visiting and left a nice comment on my blog!
Wow,I love your Cats in the Cabin wallhanging. and the Scotty dog quilt is darling.

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