Friday, February 29, 2008

More potential quilts!

Here are a few of the hand embroidered blocks I got from Liz. They were done by her mom. Each block is 18" and there are 12 of each design. So here are my setting ideas. For the moose I thought of a double nine patch or the block called Rosebud. The double nine patch is a nine patch and 5 of the patches are also 9 patch's. It kind of looks like the border in the block and looks a lot like cross stitch. The Rosebud pattern has ALWAYS looked like moose feet to me!

For this one I found a block called Bear Tracks at Quilter's Cache. It is the bear paw with the claws pointing out. If I use both the moose and the bear one I may do the "feet" of each animal on the diagonal marching across the quilt. What do you think of that?
These fun little guys are not hand embroidered. Liz did them on her embroidery machine and asked me to design a quilt around them. The colors are so bright and fun! I am thinking of setting them with "crazy quilt" blocks around them or building a wonky, crazy quilt-esq type of thing around each of them. I think either could be fun. Give me your suggestions.
This beauty was hand stitched by Liz's mom. There are 12 of them and they are 18" each so BIG. So delicate! I am thinking to set these on point and alternate with large half square triangles that are surrounded by hst, or not, I haven't decided yet. They would be a pastel and white (or white enough to match the flower's background. Any other suggestions?
I trimmed the 32 green strings I have for the St. Pat's quilt. I took and did a color diagram of the clover quilt but I am having a bugger of a time uploading it here for some reason. I will post this and try again so you may see it and you may not!

Have a happy and productive weekend!!
Well, I wish I could take credit for getting the picture here but Liz the whiz saved me again. She had scanned this in and sent it to me as a pdf which I could not post (is there a way, I will have to investigate) and sent it to me as a jpg which is what you are seeing here. Hurrah for Liz! The string blocks are either all greens with a clover print in the center or all green with a wow print in the center (which will be turned to form the 4 leaf clover.) Let me know what you think.


Pat said...

I can hardly wait to see the 4-leaf clover in strings. I think string quilts are pretty...I have yet to 'see' one I didn't like. Sounds like you have a good plan for the *treasures* you received from your friend. Have fun.

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