Friday, February 15, 2008

How About a Meme?

Amy at the Calico cat posted this and asked others to join in and since I don't have any new photos I thought I would do it.  Please feel free to do the same and send me a comment so I can go and read your answers!

One word...
It is not as easy as it looks...

1-Where is your cell phone?desk
2-Your significant other?awesome
3-Your hair?blonde
4-Your mother?passed
5-Your father?amazing
6-Your favorite thing?quilting
7-Your dream last night?none
8-Your favorite drink?diet-coke
9-Your dream/goal?loved
10-The room you are in?office
11-Your ex?non-exsitent
12-Your fear?spiders
13-Where do you want to be in 6 years?home
14-Where were you last night?couch
15-What you are not?mean
17-One of your wish list items?thin-ness
18-Where you grew up?GR
19-The last thing you did?columns
20-What are you wearing?green
21-Your TV?old
22-Your pet?friends
23-Your computer?helper
24-Your life?Best
25-Your mood?Happy
26-Missing someone?yes
27-Your car?transportation
28-Something you are not wearing?earrings
29-Favorite store?Joanne
30-Your summer?short
31-Like someone?yes
32-Your favorite color?teal
33-Last time you laughed?today
34-Last time you cried?yesterday
35-Who will read this post?Yuki

Well, that really was more difficult than you might expect!  It is difficult to limit yourself to just one word.  Several years ago we asked each other to describe each other with just one word.  the word they used for me was self-confident.  This was particularly funny because I felt anything BUT confident at the time!  It is interesting to do that and see what people have to say.  I feel more confident now in my life but not all the time.  I have some quilty things to share but need to take pictures.  I have gotten home so late lately that there is no good light for that.  I hope to change that tonight!  

I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day.  We have a tradition in my family that we started when the kids were little.  The boys buy something for the girls and the girls buy something for the boys.  So I bought my "boys" each a box of chocolate and a card.  I found a great one for the DH that when you open it up it says, I've loved you from the first flirt!  It is true too.  Long story maybe for another  post, = )  Since the girls are not home I just got them each a card and sent them a little mad money!  DD2 send a really sweet card letting us know that she thinks we are the BEST parents ever and is happy we are in her life.  (I really needed to hear this this week as DS has caused some real issues for us lately).  DD1 emailed and told me she has something waiting to mail, when she can get out to do it.  DH cooked me a wonderful dinner last night, salmon, wild rice and fresh green beans with Dove Bars for dessert.  He also gave me Godiva chocolates and a really sweet card.  I hope you were all able to spend time with your Valentines too (or at least got hear from them).  I know this is a made up holiday, but when is it not a good time to let those in your life know that you love them??


The Calico Cat said...

Your favorite drink?diet-coke

Hyphen - clever! (I almost did a "noneofyourbusiness" word, but Jerk fit the bill too.)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Love the meme. Love the dinner DH made for you. Love sitting here and catching up with your blog!

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