Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Still Here

I know I have not posted all week. Why you ask? Because I have been gone 4 out of 5 nights this week while DH was away in Canada. Additionally, I had no camera. He says to me, "Mind if I take your camera , for a whole week?" Me, "Of course I can't live without it, don't mind". So I was cameraless all week, ACK!!!

LTW gave me back my Brazilian Baby quilt. Isn't the quilting cute? I just wanted something quick and cute as it needed to be bound and in the hands of my friend going to Brazil Friday. I got it back on Tuesday, Pauline (the magnificent, or from now on PTM) got the binding all done, by hand and back to me on Wednesday night. I did the label on Thursday night and brought it to my friend on Friday. She is now winging her way to Brazil to deliver it, along with the small wedding remembrance quilt I made for her mom. (I took these with DD1's camera, but it is not the same as having your own with you at all times now is it??)

Brazilian baby quilt 001Brazilian baby quilt 002
I like how the back turned out too. I couldn't see putting a big label on the back so I just wrote in one of the coins. Clever, na?

Brazilian baby quilt 009
I couldn't resist showing you Mosen, one of the house's quilt inspectors, sleeping on the job. LOL, what a slacker!
Mosen in a bowl
Anyhoo, I hope you all had a great week last week. Now that I have my camera back I should be able to post more this week. I was beginning to feel nude without it


Micki said...

Glad that you got to post your work...beautiful!

Angie said...

I feel that way to about not having my camera. My poor husband needs to have his own.

BTW, how do you cross out words that you have typed?

Mrs Quilty said...

I really like that quilt and sounds like you made fast work of the finishing touches! Nice Job!! I too would love to learn how to cross out words that you have typed?? I like the kitty, the house quilt inspector!! Very cute!

MichelleB said...

What great quilting! I love it. It is a wonderful quilt, sure to be loved.

Allie said...

Ugh - my camera just started acting up, and yes I feel naked without it by my side. Glad it's back home to you!
That quilt turned out wonderfully. PTM is awesome. What a gal. I like how you did the label in the coin!

Searchfamilies said...

What beautiful work be your happy it is in the mail & even happier when it arrivess
Of course Mosen is sleeping it so you can keep more of you stash i mean you can't distub him now can you lol
Hugs Janice

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