Monday, September 28, 2009

What are friends for?

What happens when one of your bestest friends gives you this pattern and some fabric and needs your help?

Lighthouse quilt 001
Well, first you do a lot of this with all of these.
Lighthouse quilt 002
Which after some more time miraculously turns into some of these. LTW found a project in her "stash" that she wanted to make for her mom. She was telling me how she didn't have time but really wanted to get this one finished and off her "to do list." Now you all know how many quilts I have on my side bar on my own "to do list" but what are friends for, I ask you?
Lighthouse quilt 003
Especially when bribed by this. I love the stuff by Don't Look Now and she knows it. Drat one of my many weaknesses!! In all seriousness I am happy to help. (Have you looked at this pattern? I don't think I could ever finish it in my lifetime, but I love it and I love all her patterns!!)
Megs Garden Pattern
Thanks, LTW! Now I need to sew some more Thangles. Oh and I forgot to tell you that in addition to making the one for her mom she tells me, BTW there are enough light houses to make a second one for the raffle. Oh really? I guess with PTM doing my binding I should be doing my share of stunt sewing, huh? I'll keep you posted. Maybe she will let me have the pattern once I am done, *sigh*. Such a slave driver! LOL!!


Crispy said...

You are such a good friend Pam. I'm pretty sure you are having fun (love those lighthouse blocks) and the bribe is good incentive so it's a win win :0)


Allie said...

You are a good friend Pam! I too love Kelly's Don't Look Now patterns - oh golly they're creative.
I'm stunt cutting and embroidering this week, lol!

Jocelyn said...

Wow you are such a special friend. Wish I had someone to help me along with my projects :-)

Brianna said...

I love Meg's Garden! I am working (slowly) on it now. Kelly's patterns are so addictive!

Mary-Kay said...

I love the light house block. It will be nice to see it completed. And that other quilt, Meg's Garden, looks like it would take 100 years to applique all those pieces. It is applique, right? I just went back and enlarged the photo and it appears to be raw-edged applique. It will still take a long time.

Terri said...

You are a sweet friend!!

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