Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Big Adventure Today

Before I begin telling about my big adventure today I wanted to answer some of the email about the pattern I am using for the lighthouse quilts. It is a pattern pack from Thangles called Milky Way Quilt. If you are interested in the pattern it is available at Really it is just a 14.5" sawtooth star (with the lighthouses in the center) and a four patch of 2- 7.5" sawtooth stars and 2-7.5" plain blocks. You could do it without Thangles if you wanted, but the paper makes for better (more perfect) HST units (or so I am hoping!!)

Now on to the big adventure. Today was the day I went to the eye doctor for an evaluation of the cataract I have developed in my right eye. Things have been a little blurry and my depth perception has been a little off. (gross understatement!). I did find out that he is the dr that did the cataract surgery on my gyno's wife, so if another dr is using him he must be OK. LOL. Long story surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 6th!! OMG what am I thinking??!! I am so nervous. I know, I know, your aunt, sister, friend or whatever had it done and sailed right through it. No big deal you say. yes, I guess I *know* all that , but IT IS MY EYES!! I really need both of them to work properly. Have you ever listened to what can go wrong?? Scary stuff. Then you have to decide monofocal or bifocal lens? I wear bifocal contacts and I love them. If I go with the BF lens, no contact in that eye, bonus right? If I go with the MF no additional cost, bonus right? There is a $1200 difference. YIKES!!! Let me just pull that out of a deep dark hole. But no contact so there is a little savings there too. He said I am a good candidate for the BF lens since I wear that kind of contact already.

Now, no pressure, but they need to know tomorrow and I need to drop off part of the money either tomorrow or Monday. What would you do? Do you know anyone who chose either one and were they satisfied with their choice?

I had quilting tonight and kept wondering what it will be like to do this a week from now after the surgery. It is bed time, yeah like it will be easy to sleep tonight...


Allie said...

Deep breath girl - my mom had this surgery last year and sailed through with no problems at all, it was painless and easy! No advice on the lens though - she wears glasses with bifocals and couldn't afford to change them. You will be so happy when this is done - my mom's an artist and it was KILLING her not to be able to see.

Want me to bring you some chocolate after the surgery? I will!

Searchfamilies said...

Good Luck for Tuesday, my DH had it & said it was fine yea so they all say well i sort of believe him as my mum had both done 1 at a time but she was in her late 80s so if she can i guess anyone can it the not knowing which is the worst Good Luck
Hugs Janice

Crispy said...

Good wishes coming your way for your surgery. My sweetie says everything is so much brighter.


Micki said...

Good luck with the surgery! My prayers are with you!

MichelleB said...

No advice - just big hugs. I'm sure that you'll do great.

Mary-Kay said...

My mom just had this done 3 weeks ago by the leading eye surgeon here in Windsor, Dr.Tafour. You've probably seen his ads on tv. Anyway she had one eye done one week and the other done the next week. She couldn't afford to have the corrective lens but she did upgrade to the UV type lens. She has to still wear glasses but only for reading and stitching. I think that they have to tell you every side effect that has ever happened to anybody so you know.Just like prescriptions-have you ever read the pamplet that comes in one? Good luck and don't forget to put in the eye drops.

Tanya said...

I'll be thinking of you on the 6th. You seem a bit on the young side (by your pictures) for cataract surgery..
I haven't tried the bifocal contacts yet but some people seem to love them.

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