Sunday, September 20, 2009

Striking out words

I have had several folks ask how you cross out words, so here is my best attempt at explaining how to do it.

You need to be in the Edit Html mode (not compose) in Blogger.

You will need to put these things<> before and after the words you want to cross off. In the one before the words put an s in the ones after the words you will put /s

The / in the second set tells the program that you end the strike out there.

I kept trying to write it all together but it just keeps crossing it off without showing what you need to do.

I had to have someone tell me too so I could put it on my side bar with my finished quilts crossed off.

Hope this helps! Email me with ??


Sherrill said...

My question is when you're composing a post and want to have a clickable link to someone's blog or web (like, 'you can see is red) without writing out their entire blog or web address, how do you do that? I'm SO not a techie!! Thanks for any help. Don't even know if my question makes sense.

Sue said...

Thanks for the lesson in striking out. I often wondered how people did that.

Cheryl said...

thanks for the help on this. I have tried and tried and never had any luck. We are still in Colorado enjoying every minute. So glad the burp cloth pattern arrived safely. Aren't they fun to make. They are always one of my go to's for shower gifts.

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Pam! I've always wondered how this was done, but didn't take the time to figure it out.

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