Friday, September 25, 2009


It is *finally* Friday! YESSSSS. I have a lot to do today here at work and then I have the *annual* check up at the gyno, yee haw, that is not something to look forward to but then I am meeting my friend Yuki for drinks and dinner. I have not seen her in awhile and I am looking forward to our getting together to catch up tonight.

Gratuitous picture of Mosen relaxing on my quilting stuff. This is why I always have cat hair on everything!

Mosey sleeping again

My friend, Deb came over last night and wanted me to "help" her put the borders on a lap quilt. Well you all know how that ended up, right? I did it, she watched and she was finally on her way just shy of 9pm. UGH another night lost. Oh well, the quilt came out great. I will take a photo when she brings it for the quilting.

The baby quilt made it to Brazil. Fabiani was thrilled and my friend Karen was able to video the whole thing for me! If you go to the link you can view her too. She seemed to be very happy.

I have another friend that will be at the expo besides Allie and her name is Mary Kaye. She doesn't live in MI but is coming so I am hoping we can meet IRL too. What do you think MK??

I have been so busy and am so far behind in my blog reading. I have many blogs sent to my Bloglines subscription to read whenever you all post new things. With working full time, running 2 quilt groups and blogging and running a household, along with trying to get my own quilts made, I have come to a decision about my blogging. I love, love, love all the comments but I just don't have time to respond to them all. If you are writing with a comment that would not require a response I probably won't be sending one. Rest assured, I will read and cherish each and every one of the comments though. I will try to answer all questions or any comments that seem to require a response. I hope this doesn't stop you from commenting! That would make me sad indeed.

Are any of you of Facebook? I am on FB. I would love to be your FB friend if you are so leave me a comment and I will email you with my name, if you don't know it, and we can be FB friends too. If you are on FB if you are on Farmville let me know and we can be neighbors. I am so addicted to Farmville!!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Mine will start tonight with Yuki. I will take lots of pics for you all of the Sewing Expo too so you can live vicariously through me!


Allie said...

How in the world do you find time to do FB????? I tried it and couldn't do it, and I don't do a third of what you do.
Kitty is adorable!

Crispy said...

Well you know that I completely understand Pam ;O) Silly cats, they sure do love quilting stuff LOL.


Anonymous said...

a day has only 24 hours and you can't have it all. So good decision here not to spent all that time behind the pc.
Have fun at the sewing expo!

SewCalGal said...

You definitely are a busy lady. Glad to hear you are keeping up with your gyno (and hopefully mamo) appts. Cat picture is so cute (Thanks for sharing).

And yes, I'm on FB and twitter too!


Mary-Kay said...

Okay, now I know what IRL means. I had to ask one of my boys. I originally thought it was some booth at the Sewing Expo. So where would you like to meet? I'm hoping to be there as soon as it opens and will probably be there for the day. I'm also meeting my sister from Charlevoix around noon, maybe in the lunch area. Does this work for you or do you want to meet at a booth? Let me know.

Searchfamilies said...

Hi I am on facebook, but i don't do farmville or any of them mostly if i start i never get nothing done lol let me know your name so i can find you mine is Janice Aitkens (northamptonshire) there is more than one of the same name
Hugs Janice

Jeanne said...

I'm on FB with two farms. I also play Lexulous (scrabble) and dabble in Pirates. Help me!!!!

Micki said...

You are really a very busy lady with your crafts.

Tanya said...

Yes, it is a dilly keeping up with blogging. That is one reason I'm afraid to even open up the Facebook window! Oh my gosh! Another thing to keep me on the computer! I haven't tried it yet...

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