Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Weekend So Far

It has been quite a jammed packed weekend so far. On Friday night I went out to dinner with my friend Yuki and we went to Joe's Crab Shack. Isn't she adorable? I got to see her new apt and it is so nice. We had a great time!

Then I had to get to bed because I was going to the Sewing Expo on Sat morning and meeting Allie and Mary Kaye. I love it when you get a chance to meet IRL! This is what the inside looked like. There were many rows like this. LOTS of make it and take it's and demo's. More about that later.

Sewing Expoanada 2009 039
Allie and I had planned on meeting at the Baby Loc booth as her friend Kathy wanted to check out their new Sashiko machine (which is extremely cool, you should check it out too)
I got to the booth first so I was standing there waiting and watching the entrance when this woman came up to me and said, "Look green shoes, you must be Pam" this is when I realized it was Mary Kaye. (I told them both I would have my green shoes on). She is such a warm and friendly person. We spent a few minutes talking and then Allie came in. Now Allie and I have talked on the phone but have never met. We all hit it off immediately. I decided to go around with Allie and Kathy and we would meet MK for lunch. Then we were joined by Allie's other friend Kathy (reminded me of Daryl and my other brother Daryl, if you ever watched Bob Newhart) . Both Kathys were very nice. I somehow ended up going along by myself (I guess I wandered away from the group) and we ran into each other periodically.
In the picture, me, Allie and Mary Kay.
Me Allie and Mary Kaye 02
In my wanderings I came across this quilt. My friend, Shirley, one of the CL's, has been making these fairy quilts like crazy so I took this pic so she could see another layout design. Are any of you making these quilts too??
I was somewhat disappointed because I had expected there to be more vendors. I subsequently found out from Allie that she was disappointed because it was not a large as previous years so at least I knew why. I somehow still managed to spend money, wow what a surprise huh? I found these cute Asian prints for a certain someone of my friends that is gaga over Asian fabric. She is always doing such nice stuff for me and when I saw these I thought of her. In face the cat print kinda looked more like her dog Buster, LOL. Oh drat, now she will know who it is for, oh well.

Asian FQ
This next purchase is for my DH. He has been complaining lately about all the cat hair on his clothes. Well, duh, with 5 cats what do you expect? I got 3 of these, this one is the big one, then there is a little one and a tiny one. It is like a sticky rubber and you roll it over the hairy spot. It picks up the hair and you rinse it off and all the hair washes right away, dry it off and you are ready to use it some more. We will see how much use it gets and if it was worth it. I'm thinking I can do the stairs with it and that would be great, I hate vacuuming those!!
Pet hair roller
Now for what you have all been waiting for. My purchases! I found some great Halloween fabrics. I thought those ghosts were too cute. In addition PTM and I wanted to make another spider block so we needed more web and so I got that too. I want to make a haunted tree with a cauldron and isn't that fabric all the way on the right perfect for a tree?? The dots are for some more owls and I thought introducing blue with little witches was too amazing.
Halloween fabrics
Then I found a great button shop. I got a crow and ghost for PTM too but shhhhh it's a surprise so don't tell her, ok? I just had to have that cat. He is so creepy!!
All in all it was a grand day. I left shortly after lunch with 2 new friends! Mary Kaye is from Canada in Windsor so I hope to see her again sometime too, Windsor is like a part of Detroit, lol. Don't be a stranger now MK! And Allie, you either, it was so much fun meeting both of you IRL. Now you both have my phone number so call me sometime!

Still ahead, stitching around owls and stunt sewing for LTW is up for today. I may design the cauldron block too who knows. Along with laundry, and cleaning and of course Farmville. What does your day hold for you today??


SewCalGal said...

Sounds like a delightful weekend! Just wish I could have joined you.

And, I do love your cat pin! I'm sure it will always bring smiles to all!

Do you recall which vendor sold the cat pin? I'm going to have to start keeping my eye out for those type of things!


Crispy said...

What a fun time you had!! I would love to be able to meet my on line friends, especially ones that I have been talking to for YEARS. From the first picture you would think there would be lots of vendors.


Allie said...

Hahahha - Daryl and Daryl - you crack me up!!!! It was great fun finally meeting up with you - we need to do it again SOON!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow, what a fun time, an old dear friend on Friday and new friends on Saturday. Boy, I cannot wait to see your Halloween Quilt, it is really going to be something special!

Searchfamilies said...

You certainly had a busy & fun week-end, i love the fairy quilts as well
What nice halloween stuff
Hugs Janice

DAWNIE said...

Hi Pam,
the expo looks awesome - wished I could have also been there. always great to see what is happening in the world, whichI must say is such a "small" one. I made for "Allie" in the Hug Swap, and here you are meeting with her - that is an amazing co-incidence seeing that you were my "Secret Santa" recipient last year - now that is a small work seeing that so many people live in it.

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