Wednesday, January 27, 2010

God Loves Glitter, Who Knew?

I know this is not the best photo, it was difficult to get a good one in the dark, but tonight when I walked out of quilting this beautiful, sparkly, glittery snow was lightly falling all around me. It was just beautiful! It felt like God was dusting my world in glitter! I tried to capture this but it is difficult to do at night but you get the idea, right?

Glitter 03Glitter 02

So you know that my mojo has been flagging right? I had cut this out before Christmas and I sewed it together in 2 nights! It is an easy quilt to make but isn't it striking? I have to make the back and I think I am going to make it plain with a pieced strip to use up some of the Kona cotton I used to make the quilt. The pattern is City Scapes, and I wrote about it before.
City Scapes 02

PTM and I decided to work on Bunny Hill's Rabbits Prefer Embroidery together. I wanted to try the raved about Cosmo floss so we ordered some up and this is the result. (BTW I finished the one on the right tonight). I have the next 2 traced and ready to go. Unlike PTM who has the entire set done and is working on her second set!!! SHEESH! Darned overachievers! About the Cosmo floss...have any of you used it? I don't think I like it any better than DMC. Actually I think it tends to "fuzz" more than DMC does. Not sure it is worth the extra money. Anyone else feel like that?
RPE flower block 1RPE Bunny block 1
I will have to cut the fabric and trace the next few blocks, so I can try to keep up!!

I am going to try to talk my hubby into going to see the Gees Bend quilts on Saturday after the 2 hours of torture work out at the gym. I hope he is up for a drive to Flint. They are on display at the Flint Institute of Art. Have any of you seen them? Is it worth the hour drive?

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate everyone that stops in and I love it when you give me feedback! I am especially thrilled with all the encouragement you are giving me in my weight loss journey, THANKS!!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Keep up the enthusiasm and trips to the gym and I will too!
Love City Scapes = striking!

Allie said...

WOOOOW. Your City Scapes quilt is stunning, Pam! I LOVE the colors!

Cathy called me a bit ago and told me her car was covered in snow - I didn't go out to look. I imagine it's not only glittery but squeaky, it's so cold.

Love the little redwork blocks! I have such a hard time keeping up with my stitcheries. I'm very slow. Keep working out and I'm sure you'll be blowing PTM out of the water.

GO TO FLINT. And take lots of pics for me. Don't you dare not go.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I think you captured that snowy magic... it certainly brings back good memories for me. I know winters can get rough, but there are amazing moments to treasure that can only be found in the dark and cold.
Maybe your good work has rubbed off on me... I did some stretching and sit ups tonight. It seemed like too little, but then again it's more than nothing. You keep going.

Faith said...

Ohhh I loved what you said about the snow.... snow can give you so many ideas, you know how sometimes I use glitter!! its amazing when you look around at nature how many things give you ideas. I love what you are doing so exciting.

Gina said...

Love the quilt. So striking.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

chq said...

Your City Scapes looks has been fun to follow your journey with making it. I'm looking to seeing how you quilt it.

Love the glittery snow - I do believe God loves glitter too.

take care,


Anonymous said...

The City Scapes looks absolutely great! We had glittersnow last week: Youngest DD has glasses since a fortnight and she's convinced that it looks glittery because of that. I'll read her your post:)
Do your best at the gym and look in awe at all the calories you'll leave on the floor...*lol*
C and i will go swimming this evening for an hour...(hate bathingsuits and such but ah well...)

Crispy said...

WOW that really is a very striking quilt!! It's just beautiful.

I love it when the snow makes it look like we are living in a snow globe. I learned, from the Discovery Channel, that when we get snow like that it's because all the moisture in the air is being crystalized...or something like that.


MichelleB said...

I love the City Scapes quilt Pam! It looks great.

Beertje Zonn said...

The quilt is beautiful and the embroidery also.
Bear rgards,

Beertje Zonn

Micki said...

The City Scapes quilt is just gorgeous!Great job!

Sherrill said...

I CAN see the glitter and it is beautiful! And love that quilt, too. GORGEOUS! You're makin' me think I NEED to get back on the stick with WW. I had really done good and lost almost 50 lbs. but need to lose just a tad more. Keep up the good work!

dianne said...

CityScapes is REALLY striking - i like it ... i'm using plain old DMC (i like working with silk but it is over my price range) for my embroidery and have found myself having to defend that choice ... sheesh ... i think we should all stitch with whatever works for us

Anonymous said...

On you comment about the cosmo thread. I didn't like it. It broke off to easily and I had to use very short pieces. I like DMC and will stick to the basics. Lovely work. I am working on the same piece and will show progress hopefully after the weekend. I have finished the first 4 blocks across the top and plan on making the table runner for Easter. Lizzie

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