Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunny Saturday

I just thought I would let you in on the latest update with the gym etc. I went yesterday and worked out for my 40 minutes then my team leader was going to show me how to do the weight machines. Not too bad, right? We went around to each machine and she showed me the correct way to use the machine and loads of other useful information. I learned that my lower body is so much stronger than my upper body (well, duh, have you seen my thighs??, LOL) Also that on machines that work your muscles in opposite ways (flex vs extend) you should use a similar weight or you can get lopsided. We wouldn't want that, I have enough trouble already!! So after another hour, I got to go home. I ate dinner and collapsed in a heap on the couch. I was so tired I ended up in bed at 9:30. Wait, the BEST part is I was asleep almost instantly! Unfortunately, I couldn't trick the old bod and woke up around 2:30am. I stayed in bed though and dozed until around 8 when I got up. I was so stiff and sore and this morning is weigh in at the gym and then aerobics for an hour followed by and hour abs class, groan! I took some ibuf and hauled my butt to the gym. I won't post my loss until I weigh in at WW on Monday though (I did lose). I sweated my kiester off (oops nope, there it is!) and came home and showered and ate. Now on to quilting right?? RIGHT!!

I actually had quite a productive afternoon. I suspect my Mojo is creeping back slowly! First up, the back for my City Scapes quilt. I decided to piece it as I didn't have the full 5 yards of one fabric that the pattern called for. I used royal Kona on the top and navy Kona on the bottom using the colors from the front to make the pieced strip. I like how it came out. Check that off the list!!
Back of City Scapes

Next I cut all the binding for that one and sewed that together. Awesome!!

Then, PTM and I had exchanged quilts in the gym parking lot. I gave her one from LTW that needed binding and she gave me back the HUGE Dragon Lone Star that I had made for my DD1 for Christmas with all the binding turned and sewn down. She really is a life saver!! My hands thank her!! Unfortunately I can't open it up enough to get a good picture of it today. I will bring it with me to Wed night quilting and open it up and get some great pics then. In the mean time I will show you some up close of the quilting done by LTW. Since the dragons look Chinese I wanted the quilting to have a Chinese feel about it. This shows an outside border.

Dragon quilting

Here you can see the outside border next to the corner of the inside of the Lone Star.
Dragon Quilting corner of LS

LTW quilted Chinese dragons on the actual arms of the star but you can't see them very well because the fabric is so busy. I will try to get some photos of the star and the entire quilt on Wednesday.

I have decided that I am less excited about added labels. I don't like how they break up the back of the quilt so I have decided to avoid this whenever possible and write directly on the back of the quilt. I also am using the pinwheel stamp to mark that the quilt was made by me.
Dragon quilt label

As I was trying to take pictures I had a helper...
Jack helping on Dragon LS
He always has to be where the action is! I had just stepped away for a few seconds to do something and found him laying there. oh cats!!

I can actually cross this off my list and this is my first finish for 2010!!


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

that is my sympathetic work-out moan-sigh.

Laural said...

Great work! I love doing the weights (leg presses are my favorite thing ever).

I love the back to your City Scapes quilt and the quilting done on your Dragon Lone Star is beautiful!!

Denise :) said...

Yay for Finish One of 2010!! And yay for a happy WW weigh in! :)

dianne said...

i think that i need to buy some of that dragon fabric the next time it is on sale - i love that quilt - so if DD1 decides she doesn't want it...

your workouts wear me out just by reading about them - sheesh

Quiltluver said...

Love seeing pictures of your helper. He looks so much like Red. Congrats on the weight loss!

Allie said...

Girl, check you out - I never would've gotten up this morning, lol. Love the back for City Scapes! LTW did an AMAZING job on your quilt, can't wait to see better pics!

Gina said...

Love that quilting.

Don't forget that your body needs rest periods to recover from all the working out. You should really have a day off now and again

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Crispy said...

Hooray for the first finish in 2010!!! Keep up the good work at the gym!!


Mary-Kay said...

Wow! You certainly are going full throttle at the gym and with the weight loss. You make me feel like a lug. I'd better get moving too. Your latest quilt is awesome. I just love the quilting on it. And I don't really like labels either but I like your idea of just writing on the back. And your stamp too. It makes it very personal.

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