Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stuff and Things

How is your weekend going? Mine is not very quilty I have to say. Where oh where has my mojo gone? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

I received an email from a woman doing the My Neighborhood blocks. She is unable to see any of the 6 recent houses (all the green ones). Is anyone else having trouble with that? I can see them fine using 2 different browsers and I called a few friends and made them check but they can all see them too. Weird huh?

Yesterday I did 2 classes at the gym. Body vive, an hour aerobic class that kicked my butt, followed by 45 minutes of AB work. I was exhausted! I am so sore today. My shoulders and the muscles under my arms are killing me! I slept like the dead last night!

Friday I went to the gym with PTM and then we went out to JAF where we were both BAD girls. Although we did get some Kona cotton for half price which was good. My receipt told me I saved more than I spent. Oh whatever, it was a fun day.

While on my Flickr account I found a fantastic, modern cross quilt here. I think it will have to be added to my to do list. I will use some of the Kona Cottons I bought on Friday. I think I will do mine in all solids and use different blues so it will be a little different. Not sure why but that one really appealed to me! If you go to the link let me know what you think of it.

I found out on the internet that Heather Ross will be in Portland teaching a class about designing fabric. Spoonflower had it on their blog. If I lived in that area I would take that class. I guess they have a whole theme about making stuff at the university that weekend. It would be neat to go and take some classes. If anyone living there goes let me know so you can tell me all about it.

I have the house all to myself right now and don't know what to do. I need to do some more laundry, dishes are washing, cats are napping, maybe I need to get out stuff for dinner and then choose a project and start working on it. I vote for that. Maybe I should eat something first.

It is rainy and gloomy here and good napping weather or a movie. I could hear that from my sewing room.

What are you up to today??


Crispy said...

Maybe you just need to start sewing a new project to get the juices flowing. Shoveling snow is all the exercise I've been getting lately. I've posted what I've been up to quilting wise today :0)


Anna said...

I love the cross quilt! Thanks for sharing the link

Unknown said...

I hadn't started my green blocks, but went and looked at the 4 pdf files I have and I can see them ok, then went back to look at the purple ones, and the green are a bit light compared to the purple, but you can see the greens one, I would guess when I print them out I will run over them with a black sharpie and they will be fine. BarbM

Laural said...

I love that cross quilt! I swear that I do not feel like working on anything on days that I go to the gym, sometimes even the day after.

Yesterday I made binding and today I stitched it onto the quilt it was for. My mom took it home with her to hand stitch the other side. That all for this weekend!

Mrs Quilty said...

I think the weather has something to do with the mood these days. Yesterday was my birthday, and I was not feeling well, and it was just a dumb day as a result. People were lovely to me, but not feeling well is not fun. Anyways, I'm no good at it. I have not slept well for a few nights and it just makes me feel sick until I get caught up. Today feels some better!!! Sunshine would certainly help! Here's hoping the week ahead is an improvement!

Allie said...

My mojo has been gone since Christmas. No trouble seeing the houses. I like that quilt - maybe you should start that! I was at JAF today too, the one in Bloomfield. Didn't buy any fabric - I was looking for fat quarters and they raised the price to 1.99. ARGH. And the only Kona they had was white.

You're going great guns with the working out!!!

Anonymous said...

I long for the weekend all week and when it finally arrives, all I do is sleep. I do hope it's the time of year, otherwise I'll have to go and see a doctor......
Can I be frank about the crossesquilt? Don't like it in just 2 colours. I think it'll be nice in different coloured backgrounds and crosses. But..If it has your name on it: go sew it. It'll be good for lost mojo!

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