Monday, January 04, 2010

Great way to begin the new year!

I had one more day off today before I had to go back to work. DD2 has a ganglion cyst and today was the day to go in and have the dr try to drain it. It was BIG, like the size of a ping pong ball! It was an interesting experience although I doubt if that will fix it. I think she will probably have to have surgery but since she has to write for college she will have to do it after graduation this spring. Well, enough with the gory details. (Unless you are really into gross, then go to You Tube and look for zit popping and you will see more than you ever wanted to, kind of like a train wreck!!)
Here is what it looked like at Thanksgiving. The doctor rated it a 7 out of 10 with 10 being the biggest! I think I would agree. Our turkey had a weird bump just like the cyst so we thought it would be funny to take a comparison shot. Weird sense of humor, that's me! BTW this is a 25 pound turkey, just for scale.

Kelsey's Cyst

Well earlier today this was the scene I watched as I was on the computer.
Hallie, Aiden and Mosen

Then after we got home from the dr and DD had to pack up her car and go back to school this is what we found on her stuff. Just making sure there was the proper amount of cat fun on each and every article of clothing before they go back to a catless home!
Aiden and Mosen
How incredibly considerate, don't you think??

Really, I just wanted some pics with my words and since I am still recovering from Christmas these will have to do. I do have the dragon lonestar back from LTW and it is gorgeous! Now I will hand it off to PTM for binding. Her binding is so amazing, better than my own!! Thanks gals!! I will show it to you once I can spread it out on the floor and get some good shots. I need to take some pics of the little red quilt too for ETSY. Just ran out of time. After the dr and chinese for lunch, we went to Sam's club and Gordon foods then back here and loaded her into the car, with her fish and her rats. I will miss those little guys! Then laundry and now time on the computer before the new Gossip Girl and Secret Life.

How are you spending your evening?


Unknown said...

My cats do just the same, all of my daughters are allergeric to cat hair and have to keep the doors closed to keep the cats aout of their rooms. Please do not ask me why we have cats and my daughters are allergic,

SheilaC said...

My daughter just had a ganglion cyst removed from just about the same spot! It wasn't quite as big as that though.
She is fine now, still a little sore.

They do say that they can come back at anytime in the same place though :(


Mary-Kay said...

What a comparison! I don't know about that turkey. And you guys ate it!

Crispy said...

I skipped the comparison picture..haven't had breakfast yet LOL. The kitties were so sweet to leave fur on everything so she won't forget them LOL.


Micki said...

Your cats are so cute! I had to have allergy shots for a year a while back and since then no allergies to cats.

Allie said...

The turkey looks good, the cyst does NOT. You have such thoughtful kitties, leaving fur kitty does that too! Right now she's curled up in a huge queen size comforter on the couch. Yes, it's hers.

I'm trying to catch up on blogging - computer acted up last night and I missed out!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You know I forget who but I knew someone who had one of those cyst. They had it drained, then still had to have surgery. But I gotta say that photo was funny! lol

dianne said...

i have a ganglion on the other side of my wrist and it is not a pretty site, either ... the EXman had one, too - he was scheduled for surgery - put on the funny gown and the goofy hat and got the IV - the surgeon canceled it cuz the ganglion was GONE - EXman had accidentally smashed it with a monkey wrench (temper, temper)

Threeundertwo said...

I would have taken exactly the same picture! Poor girl, that doesn't look like any fun.

Love your cats. Clearly they're making sure that important things don't float away in case there are fluxes in the gravity around your house. Very thoughtful of them.

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