Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspiration Anyone?...Anyone??

That's right. I am asking for inspiration. I know I have a list of things to do but those are "things that must be done". You *know* that is not the fun list, right? Oh it begins innocently enough. The things begin as fun things you want to do and then they turn into "things that must be done". UGH!!!

I have my machine out and it is all serviced and ready to go. I have lots of "things that must be done" quilts I could work on. I just have no desire to do any of them right now. I remember feeling like this last year at this time too.

I did a lot of cleaning and laundry this past weekend, that was good. Should have freed up my Sunday for sewing. Nope, found more cleaning and laundry to do along with grocery shop. I decided I had to do a couple of things so here is what I did in the sewing room.

I found this charm pack given to me by one of my CL's that I adore (thanks RAW!!). I cut it into coins for another coin quilt. I cut the white fabric she had given me to go with it into the borders and then decided that it is too white to go well with these coins. I need to cut some snow. Of course, right? I will use the white eventually when I get something to put it with and it will be all cut and ready to use. I even cut the rest of the white into sashing strips for a second one. There was not enough to get 2 backs cut but I did cut one.

For new coin quilt
LTW and I had ordered some Kaffe and Phillip Jacobs fabrics from a place I found them on sale. We each ordered half a yard cuts so I cut them all into FQ and bagged up half for LTW. You guessed it, that was the extent of my "quilting" this weekend. How pathetic!
Kaffe and Jacobs
When I leave work today, I will have DD drop me at the gym and work out. I will meet with my team leader for the first time and that should be interesting. I am on the purple team, along with PTM. Then I will ask DD to come and get me and go to the WW meeting. Then home for the evening. DH is home and hopefully will make the turkey breast I left for him to do! He made some fabulous squash soup last night. I just wish he had made more of it! I ate the rest for lunch today. Very low points!! I am anxious to see if I have lost any weight according to the WW scales.

Is anyone else having difficulty getting motivated to quilt? I have lots of ideas. I am working on some embroidery though and have almost gotten another one finished. Will show it to you when it is complete.

I did list another little thing on my ETSY. A vintage compact. Check it out if you get the chance.


Vicki said...

Wow am I with you, I am buying up fabric and working with bright colors to help with the January blahs. I taught myself to paper piece so I can do different projects. I am cleaning like a maniac and I still find no satisfaction in my "messy" house.

Sooo, I went to the store and bought more fabric today. Hee hee hee, I think that my inspiration was improved then. Sometimes I just need to sit and knit, crochet or exercise to get inspired. I am going to the gym today myself. Of course today I didn't have work and that helped too!!!

G'G'ma said...

I think that for most of us we go 90 mph during the month of December. The body and the brain (maybe mostly the brain!) need a little rest. I've been reading a book on my new kindle between wash loads. Should be cleaning up my basement for tomorrow when 8 women come for the church quilting group.
Ok, I've said it so maybe now that's the kick in the behind I needed!!! Another note to me,"quit stopping to look at the computer every time you go by on your way upstairs". I'm 'otta' here.........

Laural said...

I am working on the cursed quilt today and it isn't going well. Just a few more things to go and I can get rid of the thing. And, I'm stitching.

dianne said...

i'm doing "have to do" things, too - which kinda stinks cuz i am bored with all of them (which is why they are still not done) ... so no inspiration from me to you today

Lexilooo said...

That is a cute charm pack! Over the weekend, I finished a doll quilt to send to a friend's daughter for her birthday this week, but it is small...I haven't finished anything larger lately!

Anonymous said...

How about.....a spiderwebquilt!? I remember you wanted to do a spiderweb-sew-along in january! Or is that a "mwa" and 'blah' too :)
Nice fabrics btw!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Nice fabrics. How about a disappearing nine patch! Wow you are really sticking to the gym routine. Can you come kick my butt and make me motivated.


Allie said...

I'm having trouble getting motivated too - I keep cleaning and sorting in my sewing room. But I'm ready for a break.
Squash soup sounds WONDERFUL.

Crispy said...

It's ok, we all go through those no quilting times. You are doing stitchery so you are keeping your hands busy :0)


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