Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh relaxing Sunday!

That's right, I said RELAXING, and I am trying my best to make that happen. How do so many other things keep creeping into this day? I got up and DH made his usual Sunday breakfast of eggs, some kind of meat and his amazing hashbrowns (from scratch). I haven't ever shown those to you have I? Well, next Sunday I will take some pictures, I promise! So that was late, because we slept in until 9 and then we both got on our computers. Hey, my farm in Farmville isn't going to farm itself now is it? So I took care of my farm and did the dishes, and cleaned up from breakfast and got in some laundry. Now I can relax, right? NO, not just yet.

I got my sewing machine back to it's rightful place after the holidays, had DH adjust it so it sits flush in my cabinet (that only took me 5 years to accomplish) and then called PTM. Keep her in your prayers, she is struggling with moving her mom into a smaller place and downsizing all the "stuff" parents accumulate (and probably us too when we are our parents age!). It is difficult to do this from here when they are in Canada, eh? Anyway, we don't have quilting on Wed so I am going over to see her on Wed and we will make some pillowcases for charity. She is going to teach me the "no seam" method. This necessitates some fabric choices and washing. She told me I had to wash everything I want to use. So back to the basement to sort and wash. UGH, then dry and iron. What was I thinking??

Relax now? NO, not yet. Go change loads of laundry and then it is time to list my red coin quilt on ETSY. It takes more time than you think to get that done too. First pictures, then Photoshop, then create the listing. DONE, now relax, NO not yet. Wait, maybe it is...

Time to blog. OK so now you are up to speed with where I am in my day today. Blogging almost done. Not a chore though, this is fun. Would you like to see some pictures of the quilt? OK here goes.
I showed this before but these were cropped in Photoshop.
Red Quilt for ETSYRed quilt back

Here is a close up of the coins and that pinwheel? My friend, Yuki, carved a stone stamp form and this is how the stamp comes out. My name is in Japanese in the lower right corner of the stamp. I should have inked it a little more but oh well. I have decided to use this on the quilts I sell that have a light back. I bought some custom made tape for dark backgrounds. Keep reading to see it.

Red quilt coins 01Label for Red Quilt
LTW's wonderful quilting. I love these birds and berries!

Red quilt back quilting
This is the tape I bought from Litta Lotta. I should have made the cat a little darker and will correct that for the next time. She does great work if you are in the market for labels for your quilts. I wanted something that said it came from me without a huge homemade label. It will be a loop sewn into the binding, like Red Pepper Quilts has done. What do you think?
New Labels
Oh, I forgot to show you this. Yesterday after my hours of errands, I had to bring the church bulletin board home and update it. This is what I came up with. It needs some photos of the group and our antics but those are on my work computer so I will need to send some of them to the store for printing and then add them to the board. I think it came out quite well. I'm not nearly as good with paper. I had that quilted wrapping paper and that was all I had left of it so I thought it would be great on the board. I need to glue the edge down but I was pretty pleased with the outcome.
Bulletin Board

I have been working on my embroidery and doing some of the flower basket blocks I had begun. I will have to take some pictures later. At night the fam has been watching season one and two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have been working on those then. Anyhoo. I guess that's enough for now, right?

Oh, one last thing. We have found out that our dumb dog LOVES to eat snow. Last night we took some video of her eating snow in a bowl we brought in the house. I am going to post that too. Make sure you get a chance to watch it. The second one finds Jack trying to hone in on the action only to be denyed. Funny stuff.

Ok, laundry is calling, then relaxing. Yep, I mean it, I'm really going to do it cuz work begins tomorrow.


Allie said...

I need your metabolism. Mine is broken. Everything looks great - love the quilt of course, and the labels! Can't wait to watch the vids.

Crispy said...

Don't you just love those relaxing Sundays? LOL Well at least you got a lot accomplished. I love your label.


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