Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter and Block Three of the Jelly Roll Quilt-A-Long

It seems like ages since I posted last. I have been getting ready for Easter. First things first. I weighed in on Friday and I was up a little bit (under a pound, but still up). Bummer! Maybe this is the plateau? I sure hope not. I went to the gym every day and followed the WW plan too. Let's just say that eating for Easter was NOT good for me. I am sure the scale at the WW meeting tomorrow will reflect this, LOL. Oh well, I will just drop a point and keep on with the regular plan.

Like I said, I was planning Easter dinner here and was expecting my dad and sister so there was lots of cleaning and some cooking too. I called them on Sat to find out what time they wanted to eat and guess what? They told me they were NOT coming!! Oh really?? You didn't think to tell me sooner? I could have worked on quilts or out in the garden all weekend!! My sister went over to her boyfriend's family's house and my dad went to Old Country Buffet (YUCK, but he likes it). It ended up being just the 5 of us. Not too bad either.

The girls didn't want baskets of candy as we are all on a weight loss quest so I just got a little candy for the boys to have. It was a nice relaxing day and now the house is clean too, so I can do some serious quilting this week. All good, right?

I thought it must be time for the next block in the JRQAL so looked and yep, there it was. I went ahead and made that and now I think I actually beat Annemiek this time!! HAHA this time *I* win!! Here is mine done in Verna.
Verna JR quilt along block 3
Not the best picture but I like how it came out. I really love this line!

I can't remember if I told you but I made another quilt for the veterans. It looks like the first one but it is such an easy pattern and I had so much RWB fabric cut and left over I thought I should make another one. I need to piece the back which I plan to do tonight so I can bring it to LTW tomorrow. I had a TON of the RWB fabric left over so I was talking to the Wed night ladies (those that are also makeing a quilt for the veterans) and I decided to "gift" one of them my leftovers and let them borrow my pattern. They had to add to the RWB fabric, make their quilt and "gift" it to the next person. This is a seriously easy pattern and I had my top made in about 3 hours, borders and all!! Kind of like a round robin, with a twist! HA!! What do you think of that?

Anyway, I hope you all had a blessed Easter, Happy Passover or just a great weekend. Please pray that the scale is kind, somehow to me tomorrow!!


Jandi said...

Happy Easter! I love your finished block! Good luck at WW tomorrow!

Allie said...

Happy Easter Pam! Well at least your house is clean - we went to mum's so I didn't have to clean, lol. Good luck tomorrow, I'm pulling for you!

Kim D. said...

Your block is lovely!! Good luck with the weigh in. I hope you surprise yourself.

Ginger Patches said...

I'm glad you had a good day any way, that's a bit irritating, I have a family member who does that, grrr!
Love your finished block :)

Annemiek said...

OMG! I haven't even started with the block :( I actually don't like it very much and I'm waiting for inspiration to alter it so I will like it,but so far, my brain is empty..Lame excuse I know!

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