Thursday, April 08, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

Literally, it has been raining for the last 3 days! BIG thunder boomers, mommy like ! Something about the big BOOM and the sound of the rain pelting falling and the coolness of the air, ahhhh. I love a rainy night! But I digress.

Last night, on the way into the place we gather to quilt, I was not loving a rainy night so much. Picture me carrying my bag full-o-stuff, a big with a towel and iron, my BIG cutting mat, my purse and my sewing machine (I am NOT making 2 trips) in the POURING rain. No more hands to hold an umbrella, of course. Now where did I put my keys to lock my door, BEEP, BEEP BEEP, oh jeepers, car alarm going off, now *where* are those keys? Oh yea, in my pocket, fumble, fumble, ahhh blissful quiet, and now I'm soaked. Oh well, I finally got inside and set all my stuff down. Kind of an appropriate night to work on the water quilt, don't-cha think? Now I must wait for PTM to arrive and help me. She is the BEST helper a girl could have.

So we layed out the water quilt and I began sewing blocks together into rows. PTM, bless her heart, pinned them all together and I sewed. Hey I could get used to this! But seriously, next time it is my turn to pin while she sews, right? Fair is fair after all. So here it is all laid out.

Water quilt beginning

I did manage to get all the blocks sewn into rows and 2 rows sewn together. I will work on sewing all the rows together and then make some border decisions soon. Vampire Diaries and Supernatural are on tonight along with a new episode of Fringe and Deadliest Catch, thank goodness I can DVR some of this TV goodness!!

Let me know what you think of the Water Quilt. We did a little repositioning, didn't want any upside down Honu turtles now did we? No we did not! I have a TON of the 3" squares left over too. I am considering making this quilt b/c I love how this one came out! don't you think it would be beautiful in these fabrics??

One more funny thing to share with you. LTW sent me an email and said she is grateful I am spending time at the gym or she would be afraid I would have too many things for her to work on!! HAHA, does she not realize I don't sleep much? JK, LOL!!! Just trying to blast my way through the UFO's I have on my list for the year before summer!! HAHA at least *some* of them anyway.

Gotta run, hope you are all getting your UFO's worked on too.


allsewnup said...

Oh Pam it's lovely. The colours are gorgeous. I'm like you in that I love rainy weather and thunder storms are the best.


Purple Quilter Queen said...

Sorry about your wet adventures, but the quilt is just beautiful! Jenn

Jandi said...

The quilt is gorgeous! Definitely worth getting soaked for! And the other quilt will be wonderful made out of your scraps!

Mrs Quilty said...

Love the water quilt. The colors are so cooling and nice! Great job!

Allie said...

You were out in that???? You are a brave woman, lol! Pam this quilt is beautiful - yes make the other quilt out of the leftovers.
PTM is a keeper, for sure!

searchfamilies said...

Very nice well done especially braving the elements
Hugs Janice

Crispy said...

Oooo VERY pretty quilt. I'll be interested in what you decide to do for borders....nothing popped into my head LOL.

When I met with a group of machine quilters they would be all sweaty from lugging all the stuff in and I would walk in with my little baggie of hand sewing, they hated me LOL.


Gari said...

Very striking quilt with two very distinct places for the eye to catch. Individually the blocks look somewhat confusing to make/place but all together they look great.

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