Monday, April 26, 2010

Old McDonald??

Yep this is what occupied my day on Saturday. My DD1 went to a "bird swap" with some friends. She just happened to ask LTW if there were any critters she might *need* for her new farm. LTW said, well if you happen to find a Pygmy goat or some of those funny looking chickens with pom poms on their heads that might be cool... Famous last words!

Of course DD1 made this her mission at the swap. Which for those of you that might not know what a "bird swap" is this is what DD told me. A bunch of people drive to a field and bring critters they want to sell/trade and the swappin' begins!

Here is my DH feeding the new Pygmy goat in my kitchen. She really is adorable. She had an ear tag that got caught on the cage and ripped it off thus splitting her ear so we had to do some first aid. Neosporin, bandages and duct tape to hold the bandages in place should do nicely.

Chris feeding goat 02
Next came the chickens (Polish chickens to be exact). The females have the "pom poms" on their heads. DD managed to get 2 mated pairs, one in blue (looks like black to me) and one in buff.
female blueFemale buff up close
Here are the roosters. This is after we delivered them to their new home on the farm. They sure are cute! They may even have some little Polish babies!! How adorable is that?

Ckns in new home
My DD *really* wanted a Peacock. Her friend managed to get a spectacular bargain on this beautiful India Blue male that is a year old already and should come into his tail feathers within the year. As I hear it from LTW, they have already made him a pen so he can get up high, which is where they like to be and apparently he is quite loud! Next thing on the list is to get a mate for him, maybe that will keep him quieter? He will also display his feathers more if there is a female around.
Peacock 02
Here is the goat (now named "Sunshine") with her new mom! Sunshine should be bottle fed for the rest of this week and then should be able to eat regular goat food. This was a match made in heaven!
Becky and goat 02
Apparently you need to be careful when cleaning out the cupboards at the farm too, you never know what (or who) will be inside!!
Cupboard cleaning
I was kind of fascinated by this awesome specimen of fungus. Too cool!
Tree fungus
Next time I go to the farm I will get some pictures of the house and the barn. I had my hands full with all the critters, DH and DD.

Sunday was spent cleaning at my house! Messy little buggers! But lots of fun. Hey ,you just never know what is going to happen at my house!!


Barbara said...

Giggling as I write, grin, you should have kept the goat! The milk is good and it makes delicious goat milk fudge (yes I know you are weighting in, but control is all the thing, grin).

Allie said...

Wah - I want a goat!!!! Gee Pam, you have ALL the fun. Those hens - they have always reminded me of my grandma when she wore her wig - she wore it in winter instead of a hat. They even kind of walk like her.

Needled Mom said...

Looks like fun. I'll take the chickens!

Crispy said...

LOL too funny Pam!! The critters are adorable :0)


Faith said...

I love all the animals and loved seeing the pictures I cant wait to see more pictures of all the critters at the farm.
Take care all


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