Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Water Quilt

I got up this am and actually had the chance to sleep in! I woke up with DH around 7:30 but did not get my sorry butt up until almost 9am!!L-A-Z-Y!! Once I got up I was productive though. I decided to get to work on the Water Quilt. I worked furiously and managed to get all the borders on. I thought I would get time to work on some other stuff, but that just did not happen. I thought I would share some pics with you all, so you can let me know what you think??
This is the whole top:
Water Quilt 001
I adore the border print. It was difficult to use it. "Secrets of the Reef" by Luana Rubin for Kaufman. LOVE IT!!! I should have bought MORE!!!!!
Water Quilt 003
I had to cut it the "long" way for the top and the bottom so that was kind of scary since it diminished the fabric by that much. I changed the borders from the last one I did and I like this one better. Figuring out how to make the squares come out right was a little tricky but I managed it!
Now this doesn't really show you much different, but you can see the fiesty little grape Hyacinth that has decided to grow in my lawn! Too adorable!
Water Quilt 004
I struggled with what to put on the back. I wanted Mermaids, but DD2 wanted flannel, and I know I do not have any flannel with Mermaids on it. So I told her that this is summer quilt and no flannel. I went to the stash and looked for Mermaids. Mind you I would need 6 yards of Mermaid fabric to make this work. I found the perfect fabric, "but I want to save this to use for applique for grandchildren..." I wined. *sigh* the practical side won out and I sewed it together to use for the back. The waves are sparkly!! I figure some day she can use it in her daughter's room, right?? Tell me this is not adorable, right??
Water Quilt Back
The I decided to cut out the white strips for in between the On a Whim 2 blocks, so that is done. I thought I might be able to get that top done too, LOLOLOL, NOT!!
I leave you with some pics of my *helper* Aiden.
Aiden 001Aiden 002
She is sleeping on the small couch behind my sewing machine. Isn't she so sweet? She often jumps into my lab while I am typing on this lap top and rolls herself onto the keyboard and butts my hand to pet her.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Lest you think me a total slacker, I did laundry and grocery shopping today too. Steak and potato salad are for dinner. Talk to you tomorrow!!


Quiltluver said...

Your quilt turned out great! I love the colors, and your helper is awfully cute. Can she come home with me to meet Red?

Allie said...

HA - you, a slacker? Only if the universe turned inside out and upside down. LOVE the water quilt Pam, the fabric on the back is darling! Aiden is too precious and I'm not surpised you couldn't move her.

Vicki said...

very pretty, the mermaids are very cute for the back too. Have a great week.

Crispy said...

Oh I LOVE the borders for the water quilt!! Just perfect!! Don't worry, you will find even better mermaid fabric when you least expect it. This was a perfect finish for the Water Quilt.


dianne said...

love those mermaids - and i know what you mean about cutting into fabric that you love! that's why it is good for me to have a daughter who thinks my stash is HER stash - she usually comes up with great ideas and isn't afraid to just whack away.

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