Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 2 in NYC, Part 2

Ok, are you all settled in and ready for your trip to City Quilts? Here we go. I was on 53rd and the quilt shop is on 25th, so LOTS more walking. I was worried about getting enough exercise but no worries, I've got this covered!! I headed off to the quilt shop. I walked up to the shop and you had to buzz the bell in order to be let into the shop. Thank goodness they let me in!! LOL

I looked to the left and saw this
Day 2 in NYC 079
I just love Buster the cat. I have this pattern and this made me think I should dig it out and make it! Now looking down the center of the shop. Love it!
Day 2 in NYC 077
Don't you love that skull? It's from a new book that I am interested in looking at. It was a fun shop to visit. Here are the things I bought. Some patterns and this great NYC fabric
NYC Purchases 001NYC Purchases 004
And I found some Hope Valley and some adorable bicycles by Erin McMoris.
NYC Purchases 002NYC Purchases 003
After that I was exhausted. I walked back to the bus station (25th to 42nd) and took the bus back to NJ and the hotel. We went out to dinner but I was so tired I think I fell into bed around 8:00!! Next up my BIG day meeting some amazing folks! Stay tuned.


Crispy said...

Boy I guess you got your exercise!! Great shop and I love all your new goodies :0)

Off to the last post....


Shannon said...

What a wonderful day. I love that cat quilt. Whould you please tell me the name of it and who it is by. I love it.

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