Monday, October 18, 2010

The Drive to NYC

We made it to NY, actually we made it to Secacus NJ! That's were we are staying. I thought I would show you some of our adventures from yesterday on the way here. First you have to know that DH figures any road trip is not complete unless you stop along the way or at least take the "scenic" route. Actually I like that about him. We had been driving quite awhile, maybe 5 hours or so and were in PA when we decided to stop for gas and a quick bite. We also decided to take the Elk Scenic Drive. We exited right behind some stopped traffic backed up at least 3 miles for an accident, perfect timing. Our drive took us through some beautiful scenery. We were going so fast so it was difficult to get too many pics but I managed to snap this one out the front window.
On the way to NYC 017
The trees have just begun to turn color but it was still beautiful. We followed a river the entire way. We did decide to detour to the town of Benezette as there was supposed to be an Elk viewing area. As we drove through town, we noticed some folks stopped and taking photos so we stopped and got out and this is what we saw, in town.
On the way to NYC 001
He was just like, "hi guys, I'm an elk and I'm just hanging out in someone's backyard." Too funny. So we kept driving. Up, up, up a huge incline to this place.
On the way to NYC 006
But we only saw this and this
On the way to NYC 005On the way to NYC 004
no elk. We had passed what I thought was the visitor center that I had read about so we turned around and went back. It was the visitor center. There is viewing there too and it is an educational center. No more elk unless you count this one.
On the way to NYC 013On the way to NYC 008
I know I look so amazing, right? It was really windy, and pretty chilly and DH was taking forever to snap a picture *and* I was looking into the sun! I know, yeah, yeah. You get the idea. We left the center and drove back through the town and saw another Elk just hanging out not too far from the first one we saw.
On the way to NYC 015On the way to NYC 016

Then we continued on our way to NJ. We got here around 7pm so total about 12 hours but I think our little detour cost us about an hour and a half or so, but I feel it was well worth it. It's always an adventure with us!

I have been looking up things to do today while I wait to hear from Victoria and Heather. Looks like it will be Wed to meet Victoria. I think I am going to check out the garment district and some shopping today. DH is done with school around 5:30 tonight so I will come back then. Most things open at 9 or 10 so I am just getting ready to head out. I found some good info at Paula Nadelstern's website so will have lots of great places to look, even if I don't buy anything it should be an interesting day. I think I will be near Macy's too so will stop in if I have time too.

I guess I should stop typing and get going right? More later!!


Needled Mom said...

The pics are gorgeous. Enjoy your trip.

Crispy said...

I love going the "back" way when we travel. Much more interesting than the ol' interstate :0)


Quilt n Queen said...

Those elk look huge. Great pictures!
I prefer the scenic route..... especially if I'm driving...not that I would ever drive more than 20 minutes from home....except when I absolutely have to drive to Canada .....wish I was with you.:)

Brenda said...

What a fun start for your trip. You are brave shopping in the big city by yourself. Are you driving? Cannot wait for the next update.

Brita said...

Lucky girl, you're having the kind of trip I just love. My DH doesn't like to take side trips -- he's a point A to point B kinda guy. I'm enjoying your trip, thanks for sharing!

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