Friday, October 08, 2010


That's right you hear me correctly I said EEEEKKKK. Here's the dealio. I was getting ready to eat my dinner and thought I should feed the dog so she wouldn't pester me while I was eating. I went out to the garage and scooped up some of her dog food from the plastic bin I keep it in. I dumped the cup of food into her bowl, all the while looking down to make sure the food poured into the bowl and what do I see in the bowl??? A little mousie looking up at me with that WTH just happened to me? look in it's eyes. Both of us being taken unaware, the mousie bolted into my kitchen and between 2 cupboards that have a space between them. I'm looking around for one of my FIVE cats for one of the 2 that are actual mousers. I spy one, Hallie so I snatch her up and plop her in the kitchen. Now she is giving me the WTH look as she was sound asleep on a chair in the other room when I rudely snatched her from her sleep! She spies the mousie and a chase ensues. She catches the mouse but as cats are wont to do she plays with it. It runs back into the same crack and she is staring it down. Until big dumb dog runs into the kitchen to be included in this amazingly fun activity. Get out of here you stupid dog now you have chased the cat away! *SIGH*. Now the cat is nowhere to be found. Mousie runs into my family room into various places until the second mouser, Autumn, appears for another round of cat and mouse. Only to be interrupted by the big dumb dog yet again. "Go upstairs, you stupid dog!" DS takes her to his room. OK, now there are ZERO mousers around except me and DH. He corners it and I opened the patio door and WE herd said mousie outside. WHEW!! That was WAYYYYY too much excitement for one night!

On to quilty content, ok? So I finally took a photo of some of the coins for the Halloween coin quilt. I have them pinned together in a specific order so you can just see one row. I'm kind of excited to finish it.
New projects 002
I plan to sash it in black and may have LTW quilt it in orange, or maybe I'll be dull and have her do black. Not sure yet.

Now on to another totally unrelated but none the less still quilty bit. I got home from Cori's yesterday ad I realized that I already had a Bliss layer cake so I emailed her asking if I could trade it for a Dream ON JR. No problem. I was hopping all around blogland yesterday when I happened upon this, over at Ryan's blog. It got my creative juices flowing. I've has a "plus" quilt on my radar for some time. I also need to make a few baby quilts, so hmmm it was a "You've got peanut butter on my chocolate." "Hey, you've got chocolate on my peanut butter" moment. Why not try this pattern? It uses only a charm pack and one yard of fabric for the top. Everyone seems to be having boys around here so what CP can I get that would work for a boy? This one.
New projects 001
I realize it is not the best photo but I think the green and gray combo is so popular right now. I will be using a Kona gray for the plus part. I will keep you posted. I'm very excited to begin this one too. I think this combo will be stunning.

I have exercise class tonight (and DD2 may be joining me), then I hope to be able to do some sewing. Sat is weigh in, class, shower, LTW's and then the BIG game. MSU vs U of M. NOTHING will keep me from watching that game. We beat them the last 2 years. Our coach just had a heart attack at the beginning of the season, right after the Notre Dame game. Keep your fingers crossed. It's gonna be a good one!


Needled Mom said...

That was way too much excitement for one night!

Love the idea for that charm pack.

Diane N said...

Yikes...a mouse! Definately not something I like to see in my house! Last winter, day before moving into our new home, I saw a mouse run across the kitchen.

I scream...which scares husband. I bolt out of there while he tries to "catch" it. He has me come back to help him "corner" it.

As we are cornering it (me with a mop and him with a broom) it runs out toward me and jumps up on my mop...I fling the mop up in the air and send the mouse flying through the air and hits my husband in the chest!

And since we don't have cats...I went and bought some traps instead! No more mouse! (and I'm hoping it stays that way!)

Diane N said... the way...I love your halloween coin quilt! :)

Crispy said...

The plus quilt idea is a great one. I can't help you on what type of charm pack would work....maybe do a search on and see what is available.

Our cat cornered a mouse in our house one time, it reared up and squeaked at her and she ran for cover....such a brave cat LOL.


Brenda said...

Our Ladybug the scottie caught a mouse 2 or 3 weeks ago. I had my feet up on the couch calling hubs to get up from his early slumber, lol, and come get the mouse. Did not want her to eat it. Our cat, he will not come upstairs because of the dog. He lives in the walk-out and hopefully keeps the mice away down there.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Loved your cat and mouse story! Reminded me of years ago when our two cats played soccer with a mouse - I finally trapped it under a tupperware and threw it and the mouse out into the field - lol! Love the Halloween fabric!

Allie said...

How I hate getting mice in the house!! Hubby and I got 14 in one night one time....we didn't have a cat at the time. *shudder*
Coin quilt looks great - enjoy the game tomorrow, gonna be a good one!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Well you did better than I would have with that mouse..I would have had a heart attack.


Micki said...

I would have been screaming if there were mice in my home...what a night!

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