Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Engagement Party

Wowee, yesterday was a B-U-S-Y one!! I got up, weighed in (lost 1.6 pounds), went to Zumba. I love me some Zumba! Came home showered and had lunch. Went shopping. First to Khols for a new pair of jeans, size 12!! I can't even remember the last time I could fit into a 12. Then I met up with PTM at JAF to try to use our 50% off coupons. Bought some Kona cottons, coal, purple, lime green and a royal blue. Then I came home to watch my Spartans whomp number 11 Wisconsin!! Good job Spartans!! Also when I got home I had this waiting for me.
McCall's Magazine 02
This is on page 22 of the latest McCall's magazine!! My first time in a magazine, even though it is basically just an ad. It's still kind of exciting!

Next up was getting ready for the engagement party. I decided to write on the back of the quilt and make it personal too. I put a Gaelic blessing on it as well. Hey, go big or go home right? But let me back up. I don't know how many of you know that PTM does all my bindings for me. I have trouble with my hands when I do too much hand work and the hand sewing of the bindings just about cripples me, so being the BFF that she is she does them for me. I have to show you how amazing they really are too just look at this,
JRQAL binding  02JRQAL binding 01
Can you see those teenie tiny stitches? And her mitered corners are always perfect!! I am working on getting her to do a tutorial, she really is Pauline the Magnificent!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, PTM!
I know you are all dying to see the label right? OK here it is.
JRQAL label 003JRQAL label 004
JRQAL label 005JRQAL label 002
Really LONG but I totally LOVE how it came out. You can really see the beautiful quilting LTW did on it in that last picture too.
"But how did they like it?" I hear you all saying, right? They loved it.
Matt and Kahli's engagement party 001Matt and Kahli's engagement party 003
She is just adorable. What a nice girl and what a great couple they make. You should have seen her diamond, OMG knock your sox off. It was probably a carat of canary (light yellow) surrounded by white diamonds. BEAUTIFUL! And Matt? His arm is healing and he can see again. They did a cornea transplant and cleared out his eye and gave him a lens implant. He said his vision is not perfect but he can at least see out of the eye now. It was such a fun night. Matt has seen his share of rough times in his short life and he so deserves to be happy! Oh and here is a pic of me and Matt's mom, Terry.
Matt and Kahli's engagement party 005
We have been friends for a LONG time and she is so happy to have Kahli in the family.
Congratulations Matt and Kahli!


Crispy said...

Zumba looks to be a lot of fun to do, better than dancing with the oldies :0) Congrats on the loss!!

What a lovely couple and I like how you did the label.


Quilt n Queen said... are welcome..... What are best friends for....just remember ...little old me.... when you make it BIG in the quilting world. I can stunt sew and test patterns too. Can't wait for challenge #2 and #3 to come your way. Congratulations. You can do this!!!!!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wow size 12 - congratulations!! Amazing and you're in inspiration!
The quilt, the binding, the label and the happy couple are all wonderful!

Allie said...

Oh you skinny little thing LOOK at you in a size 12!!! I'm so happy for you, Pam!
The quilt is just gorgeous, yep, PTM does an amazing job. So glad they loved it and so happy for Matt!

Brenda said...

I have two friends that have been going to Zumba. I have only heard about it a week or two ago. See how far in the boons I live? So good for you on a number of things. Weight loss, your picture and name in a magazine and a beautiful quilt all finished and gifted.

Saska said...

Love had you did the label. Really a personal touch.

Congrats on the weight loss. Maybe someday I'll be able to walk and get mine back off!

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