Saturday, October 09, 2010

Musings on a Busy Saturday

It is a BEAUTIFUL, sunny and warm Saturday here in Michigan and football is in the air. My team (MSU) is playing our arch rival U of M at 3:30 so I just have a few minutes to blog. I was talking to PTM today after my depressing weigh in (I gained 0.2) and we were talking about the blog world. She is a new blogger. Do you remember when you first began blogging? Did you wonder if anyone would read what you had to say? Did you even care if they did? Well, PTM and I had that discussion today.

She and I were talking about the things you think about and how you feel when you first begin blogging. I was (and still am) thrilled when someone I admire leaves a comment on my blog. It's like someone famous noticed little ol' me. It is a HUGE encouragement to new bloggers when established bloggers leave comments on their blogs. It doesn't need to be anything lengthy just a small comment goes a long way. I think she is feeling a little discouraged because some people that she leaves comments for do not leave comments in return. I know we are all busy and wrapped up in our own little worlds but really, as my friend Mary says, it only takes a minute to be kind, right?

So next time someone leaves you a comment consider going to their blog and leaving a comment in return, rather than just an email back. I know it will mean a lot to the folks that are new (and maybe it will be great for use oldies too).

In my short time here on the Earth I have noticed that the people that are really the stars don't forget the little people. I have met some amazing bloggers that act like it is an honor to meet ME when in reality it is the other way around. That kind of humility is humbling.

Now go forth and comment on a newbie's blog, you will make their day and yours as well!!



Quilt n Queen said...

I think my insecurities are trying to come out as if I'm that shy unpopular girl back in high school. I guess I sounded like I'm lacking self confidence again. Hope not....don't want to go there again. Yes I'm depressed about my weigh in and it doesn't take much to get down on myself....I know it was only 0.2 lbs but just didn't want a gain..... that's not the direction I want to go. Thanks for your shoulder. lol Go MSU!!!

Pat said...


Allie said...

Ok, you were rooting for the ones who won, right? LOL - I can't keep them straight.
I thought I had become a follower of PTM's blog, but I hadn't - I am now!

ytsmom said...

Go Spartans! Congrats on the win. I'll end by saying, Go Huskers! Looking forward to next year.

Vicki H. said...

What a game!

Crispy said...

I've been hangin' out with PTM since she first started...she's such a sweetie :0)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Congrats on your big win! Have a wonderful Sunday~

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder for the simple things in life.

Like daddy always says, "mind you manners, that includes please & thank you."

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