Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 2 in NYC

Today was my second day in NYC on my own. What to do, what to do? I decided that I would go to the American Folk Art Museum in the morning because they have a quilt exhibit going on at the moment. I thought about staying for the curator talk but later decided not to. The bus station is on 42nd and the museum is on 53rd. So I got off the bus and struck off on my own. Why, look who I found in Times Square on my way. None other than the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty!
Day 2 in NYC 006
She's looking pretty good for such an elderly woman don'tcha think?
Finally the museum! Whew, that was quite a walk. So many quilts, two floors worth. I will post a few here but if you want to see them all in detail you can go to my Flickr page and view them all. When you walk in there are three amazing Amish quilts. The hand quilting is amazing. The next one I found and loved was this little star beauty. Just look at that even hand quilting.
Day 2 in NYC 020
I found this friendship, signature quilt to be amazing too
Day 2 in NYC 032Day 2 in NYC 033
Now you know me, I'm a sucker for feather star quilts and this one was no exception. Then I looked at the plack and it was made in Plymouth Michigan!! My community. That was very exciting.
Day 2 in NYC 033Day 2 in NYC 035
Just look at that amazing hand quilting! STUNNING!!
To me though, the most exciting quilt in the exhibit was this one
Day 2 in NYC 072Day 2 in NYC 040
It was behind glass and so it was a little challenging to get some good pictures of it so just keep that in mind. Since we just had the peacocks at our house I was a little fascinated by these blocks.
Day 2 in NYC 061Day 2 in NYC 067
The quilt was called Bird of Paradise and this was the block it was named after
Day 2 in NYC 066Day 2 in NYC 064
There were certainly a lot of birds on this quilt. Just the most amazing quilt in real life. I was listening in on a tour person telling that they think this was a wedding quilt but if you notice the man is missing. They found the template for him but he is not there. They speculate that perhaps he was killed in the war but whatever, there was no wedding. Very interesting quilt.
When I first walked by this quilt I briefly noticed that there was a spot that looked like Michigan. Upon closer inspection,that's because it was a crazy quilt of the entire US!! Pretty cool.
As I was leaving, I saw this cool witch and since it is so close to Halloween I thought I would share this one with you before we move on the City Quilter. Isn't she cute??
Day 2 in NYC 076

This post is getting so long, I will take a break and be back shortly when we will go and visit City Quilts. Hope you are enjoying the trip so far.


Crispy said...

Wow Great Quilts!! I know many ladies reproducing the Bird of Paradise quilt in blogland. Amazing that you got to see it in person.

On to the next post :0)


Gari in AL said...

It looks like you are making good use of your time in NYC. I was there when I was 12. My father was in meetings and my mother had to go to the hospital so I was by myself for 4 days. I loved the city and being able to roam wherever I wanted. (The folks thought I was in the hotel room.)

Brenda said...

Wonderful quilts, I am enjoying site seeing from afar.

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