Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

That's what I have been lately. Last night I went to the quilt group and PTM and Barb helped me to finish one of the things on my list, YEAH!! I got 4 pairs of pillowcases finished. I made them for gifts so I am not going to say who they are for. Let me know what you think of them.

Christmas pillowcases
I was going to give the cardinal for my exchange gift but have changed my mind. I will be gifting to to another person and I can't share who because she reads my blog! I got it back from LTW today and PTM has it for the binding. It will be singing it's way to it's new home soon.

I came home, trimmed the quilt, changed and went to the gym. I met PTM there and we worked out together. Then I came home and I was thinking about my little cardinal quilt. I have 2 more charm packs like the first one so I will be making another one or two for sure but how would it look in left over Merry and Bright? Well, I might have cut that out before dinner *VBG*
Cardinal using Merry and Bright
I think it will be great but if it is hideous I will just keep it, in fact I will let DH decide which one he likes better and keep that one. The other 2 I have places for too. One for the exchange and maybe one for my in-laws.

Ok, time for dinner. DH made chicken creole, YUM. Then maybe some sewing before the Vampire Diaries!!



Vickie said...

Love your pillowcases! I can't wait to see the cardinal quilt in Merry and Bright!

Crispy said...

I think the cardinal will look great in those fabrics. I look forward to seeing it.


Annemiek said...

You really should postpone putting up the chrismas tree. On the other hand, I now get why you said that cleaning out your sewingspace, is a much-needed break :)

Paula said...

I saw on your newer post that you received your prize. I hope that you liked it.

After you posted these pillow cases, I made four of them as well. I just love them. Thanks for the idea,
and Thank you for joining in my challenge again.


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