Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day and got to spend time with your family and friends. Our day went kind of awry. I got up early to bake the pies and DH went to the garage to get the turkey. Imagine our surprise to learn that it was still frozen! No turkey dinner for us today. It's OK though. DD2 wasn't here today as she was at her boyfriend's parents house. We made the decision that we will just make our dinner tomorrow. We all kind of sat around and watched movies and I got to do some sewing.

I thought I would work on my reindeer blocks. I guess I looked like I needed help so Autumn came to help.
Autumn 007
I tried to distract her with a plastic bag but it didn't last too long.
Autumn 008
I did manage to get one of the blocks finished tonight. I would have done them both but I realized that the buttons I had planned to use for the eyes were blue and not black. I will have to get some black ones to use on the block. I do like how this one came out though.
Jumping reindeer block
So that's all the excitement going on here. I am planning on some shopping tomorrow but I don't go out as early as some people do! We decided to downsize this Christmas so I just have a few things to look for. Wish me luck!!


Allie said...

No turkey, oh no! I'm glad you got to sew today, anyway, your block is darling. I'm not going out til Saturday - Cathy has to work tomorrow - I need a new cutting mat!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Now you know you are within a drive of my house and I would have been glad to share our left overs with you. We did Thanksgiving here yesterday. 16 of us....the oven flamed, things got spilled before, during and today was nice and quiet....and lots of leftovers :)

If it does not work and come on down...we'll feed ya :)


Crispy said...

Dang!! I hate it that turkeys take so long to thaw!! I ended up putting mine in cold water for a couple of hours yesterday morning to finish thawing. At least your day was relaxing. I love the background fabric!!


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