Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Really HATE Goodbye, so Instead I'll Say " See You Soon!"

I knew the day would arrive some day when I would have to say good bye to my Japanese sister, Yuki. Who knew that 4 years would pass so quickly? Not me and not her either. When Yuki first arrived in the US she came as a recent new bride. Her husband, Hiro, sat next to me at work. He was unsure of his English skills but speaks so well now! Of course he sat by me and I made him talk all the time, LOL, poor guy. I became the walking dictionary in my isle containing, besides me and Hiro, a man from China and a woman from Brazil. One day Hiro tells me that his wife would like to learn how to quilt and did I know anyone that could help her learn. HAHAHAHA, um...YES...ME!! That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Yuki and I have had a lot of fun together. I sure will miss her when she leaves to go back to Japan on Monday. Hiro is staying for a little longer but he will leave in December. Yuki is taking her beautiful baby boy back home when she leaves.

Yesterday my friend, Robin and I took lunch over to Yuki's apartment. I made a small gift for her to remember me by too. The little cardinal wall hanging! You want to see some pictures?
Me and Yuki and then Robin and Yuki
Yuki Farewell 004Yuki Farewell 003
See that beautiful baby boy? He is so darned cute and oh, there is his equally adorable mom! Hi Yuki!!
Yuki Farewell 005Yuki Farewell 002
We sure have done a lot of quilts in the time you have been here. I will always have fond memories of our trip to Paducah, our classes, our shopping, making the Big Ten quilt every year, lacrosse games and just hanging out. Now I guess I will have to plan a trip to visit you and Hiro in Japan some day.

Just so you guys know, she had made something for me as well. One of the first quilts she ever made was one of my favorites too. Well she made one for me. She called it "Winter in Ann Arbor." Ah, Yuki, I don't deserve you! I teared up but managed not to outright cry. Although a few tears are sliding down my face as I type this (shhh don't tell her).
Yuki Farewell 007Yuki Farewell 008
Some day, when I grow up, I want to do hand work as well as Yuki does. Her satin stitch in the word winter is amazing!

So have a safe trip home my dear friend. I will miss you. You are loved. Thank goodness for Skype, right?? I wish for you and your family a wonderful life. You will always have an American sister and if you ever need anything don't hesitate to let me know.


Brenda said...

Ok well that almost made me cry. I am sorry you will miss your "sister". You both do beautiful work. What wonderful gifts. I think I will sign up for the sew in and work on something besides felt food for the grand kids. Although I do need to get it done.

Vickie said...

What a great tribute to such a wonderful friend!

Ulla said...

So beautiful embroidery and the frame of it is really so glorious.

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