Monday, November 08, 2010

Shop Hop Continued

The next place we stopped was Everlasting Stitches in Holt. I had never been there before and was pleasantly surprised by this shop. Isn't it cute?
Piecemakers Shop Hop 11-10 022Piecemakers Shop Hop 11-10 021
I bought these wonderful fabrics for that Gourdy's Gang pattern! Don't you think these will be great?? And really, can one have too many dots? I love that pattern for the block envelope too. I'd like to make some of those to store some of my projects in.
Loot from the shop hop 11-10 007Loot from the shop hop 11-10 009

Next up on the hop is Wendy's Simple Stitches. I love Wendy's. It's a relatively small shop but they always have a nice selection as well as a great sale room. Yes an entire room!

Piecemakers Shop Hop 11-10 023
Look at this beautiful version of Hocuspocusville that Wendy made.
Piecemakers Shop Hop 11-10 024
This one is on my short list!! Now for the haul from this shop. A little Wild Thyme and look at those fabulous browns!! YUM, I see some great reindeer on the way.
Loot from the shop hop 11-10 010Loot from the shop hop 11-10 011

It was now almost 5pm and the last shop was 30-45 minutes away. So we called them and they were having their first sew in and would be open and they invited us to come on in! So we got in the car and we drove there. Huron River Quilts in Milford. Owned by 2 sisters and they have been in business for only 2 years. It was such a friendly shop with a lot of cute things. Here's Ann one of the owners waiting on us. They had snacks for their sew in but they shared those with us too. How nice are they?? You need to go and visit them.
Piecemakers Shop Hop 11-10 025
I really loved this witch pattern, but was buying some more fabric, shocker, I know! Maybe next time.
Piecemakers Shop Hop 11-10 026
So of course I had to buy a little more fabric here too. Found some amazing stripe for different basket handles as well as , you guessed it, more reindeer browns. Can you tell I lack brown in my stash??
Loot from the shop hop 11-10 013Loot from the shop hop 11-10 012

So then we had just one last stop and it was HOME. Here are the women I rode with and only PTM's and my (1) bag. Yes we had a productive shopping trip. I already have 2 reindeer done, but that will have to wait to be seen later.

I am trying to keep up the posting every day and I need photos for you so you keep coming back, right??


Brenda said...

I do not think we have been to these shops. Getting together with my best friend this sat. I am going to show her your post so we can plan another road trip.

Vickie said...

That's some great fabric! I can't wait to see your reindeer!

Crispy said...

What lovely fabrics, you were doing a great job of boosting the economy :0)


Stray Stitches said...

Those look like fun shops. You sure helped their profits this time around - lol!

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