Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shipshewana with my DH

Lest you think I had enough time with my DH or enough time shopping, you would be wrong! We decided to go to Shipshewana for the day. We heard that it was supposed to be a warm day so we made a plan. When we got up it was pouring, not just raining. We went anyway. As it turns out, the day was warm, the rain went away and all the people were not there. Seriously, it was like we had the place to ourselves. We got a little Christmas shopping done and it was fun just to walk around and spend the day together.

I bought a couple of FQ's here, at Lolly's sale place.
Shipshewana 11-22-10 001
Then we went to JoJo's Pretzel's. I was out of their amazing mustard. Thankfully, I am now fully stocked up. I went to Lolly's while DH spent some quality time on the porch.
Shipshewana 11-22-10 002Shipshewana 11-22-10 005
I only bought a little bit and I have not taken any photos yet. Maybe tomorrow. Look at this adorable truck.
Shipshewana 11-22-10 003
I fell in love and bought the pattern. They glued crystals all over the branches. They also enlarged the original pattern. LOVE IT!!
Went to another shop with all these amazing dolls. Sharon, these RA's are for you! And that bee, just too cute!
Shipshewana 11-22-10 012Shipshewana 11-22-10 013
I took this one for PTM as I know she loves snowmen, and I had never seen a "tin man" snow man.
Shipshewana 11-22-10 011
Next up Rebecca Haarrer's and her amazing ornaments. I bought a caboose, to remind DH of the night we spent in the caboose!
Shipshewana 11-22-10 019Shipshewana 11-22-10 018
As we were walking I saw this on my path. Amazing new quilt pattern? Hey, you better back off, it's my idea!!
Shipshewana 11-22-10 020
We went to E & S Sales (bulk food) and we bought a LOT of great stuff at a reasonable price. You need to understand that my DH is a total popcorn addict. Ho LOVES the popcorn we get here, not the same as the popcorn in MI. Here he is with his favorite purchase! 25 pounds of popcorn!!!
Shipshewana 11-22-10 023
I bet you think the only thing I bought was fabric right? Well you would be wrong. I got these most adorable shoes.
Shipshewana 11-22-10 022
Although DH told me I have to wait until Christmas before I can have them. How is that any fun?? Photos forthcoming of my purchases tomorrow, I promise.

I am so tired. I did a class this morning with PTM at the gym for an hour. Then I did 2 more classes tonight. My poor body is in agony! Thank goodness DH cooked tonight. We had pork loin, homemade apple sauce, homemade spatsle, homemade bread and my contribution, home made soda. I probably forgot to mention that we bought a machine to make our own soda. Soda Stream. Love it! Anyway I have lots more to tell but I am in desperate need of some rest. I hope you all had a good day too.


Maggey and Jim said...

We have been to Lolly's and Shipshewana and loved it..I love the shoes.. what kind are they. so colorful..
Have a grea holiday

Crispy said...

What a lovely day you had with your sweety!! I wish I could get mine to do stuff like that LOL.


Diane said...

Your day sounds like a lot of fun. The truck pattern is cute, cute, cute. My husband used to work on car restorations and that truck would be ideal. He would get a truck and I would get something Christmas. Heck he might not even kid me about it hanging on the wall. Would you mind sharing the name of the pattern?

Jeanne said...

Hey, we just missed each other. Love the shoes! Were they restocked? The guy said he couldn't keep them on the shelves. LOL Happy Thanksgiving.

Heather S said...

Glad to hear your hubby loves E&S as much as mine does! Works out great when I want to visit the fabric stores in Shipshe- I just "suggest" that he is getting low on his favorites. Works every time!

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