Friday, November 05, 2010

Halloween Pictures as Promised

I promised the pics of us at the Halloween party so here you go. First up is DD1 (under the hand, in the back)with all her friends.
Shelby and friends Halloween 2010

This is a pic of me and my DH. They made me take my cat mask off for the photo but you can see he was a pirate (Captain Jack Sparrow).
Chris and I Halloween 2010

I thought I should post before I go in for the big colonoscopy today. Just so you know, the prep was not too bad. The worst part was drinking the nasty stuff you have to drink. It was a powder and they had you mix it with Gatorade. I had to drink a total of 64 ounces, all but 16 of them last night. You have to drink 8 ounces every 15 minutes. It makes the Gatorade kind of salty tasting and it makes it a little thicker. It's kind of gross. So now I am finishing the last 8 ounces. BLECK! Thought posting might take my mind off of it.

I began working on my SS gift yesterday and am making some good progress. I will post about that and some other things maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I am going on a shop hop with PTM and some other people tomorrow. I made a specific list of just a few things I am looking for.

I am really looking forward to dinner tonight!!


Mama Koch said...

GOod luck with the colonoscopy. I dread having one done. Take it easy this afternoon.

Vickie said...

WooHoo another post! YAY! Great pictures! Have fun tomorrow on your shopping trip!

Sherrill said...

WOOWEE, sounds like your prep was worse than mine. I had to take like 3 Dulcolax then drink a 10 oz. bottle of salty stuff. Then another 3 Dulcolax and another 10 oz. of the salty stuff. It was gross!! Have fun...HAHA!

Crispy said...

Your hubby is very cute with his dread locks LOL. Ewww I hope I never have to drink that stuff, I hate gatorade :0(


Brenda said...

Oh I love shop hopping! I hope you have fun and show us your buys. I agree the worst was the stuff you have to drink and so much of it also. Great pics.

Micki said...

I had a colonoscopy and the prep was pretty bad, so glad that yours was better.

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