Thursday, April 07, 2011

Almost There

I am almost to my 8ooth post!!  Can you believe that?  I sure do talk a lot!!  I am also almost to my 400th follower, and when I get there we will have a giveaway!!  We all love those right?  Well, maybe you can spread the word and maybe we can make that happen sooner than later.

Speaking of giveaways, there are two going on right now that you should know about.  I am so excited to tell you that Kellie Wulfson of Don't Look Now fame is having a pattern giveaway to celebrate her latest quilt pattern.  Trust me when I say you need to go and check it out.  Her work is stunning.  Very different from what's out and about on the web.  Love it!!  I am hoping to get to meet her at spring market in Utah.

The other giveaway is over at Quiltn' Queen's blog.  She is giving away 2 charm packs of Pips.  Yes that's right, 2 charm packs of Pips.  Better go there now and check it out, but don't forget to come back here!  Oh and if you do go and check it out and leave a comment, don't forget to wish her a Happy Birthday!!!  While you are at it, go and visit my friend Cori's online fabric shop too.  Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop.  She's the BEST!! Plus she will be listing the entire line of Pips no later than Monday and maybe as early as this weekend!!!  She should have all the bolts!!!

Ok, back to my regularly scheduled program.  I was a slug last night and finished my LCQAL block.  I like it a lot. 
LCQAL block 12
I wanted to finish my 12 Days of Christmas block but when I tried to lay it out and had to walk away for a minute this is what I came back to.
Mosen "helping"
Yeah, so um yeah. I just let him stay there and went off and read some blogs. It was getting dark anyway and I had other things to do. DH went to Florida for the week for work. We tried to get me down there but last minute tickets were just too much. This morning he sent me a photo from his room. The room looks amazing and the shot was through the room, past the balcony right onto the BEACHHHHH. WAHHHH!! Stupid price of fuel! Oh well, maybe another time.

In the mean time I have grand plans for my time home alone. I will drag you along with me, if you want to come. I am going over to see my friend Cori tonight after work, I need to make some fabric purchases. How great is that? She lives literally one street from me!! I am going to help her with some other stuff too that you will all be seeing soon so keep stalking watching her shop and her blog!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love your layer cake block - gosh this is almost done. Why do cat's 'claim' our work? I look forward to sharing your week.

Wendy said...

Thank you for the giveaway info ... Love Don't Look Now's patterns!! Have fun fondling all the fabric!! What joy :)

Crispy said...

Oooo I love this block too!! Such a great helper you have LOL.


Anonymous said...

I like the color combo in the square. I'm seeing a theme with oranges and pinks and the more I see it, the more I like it :)

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