Saturday, April 09, 2011

I'm Making Progress!

Yesterday I took the day off and I thought I would get soooo much done. HA!  I went to the gym in the morning and then met my friend, Cori (Crazy Quilt Girl) for lunch.  I went home and then went out to run some necessary errands.  By the time I got home it was 3PM!!   No sewing done yet.  So I pulled out my last Jelly Roll block and I managed to get that done.  I also finished the two 12 Days of Christmas BOM block 10 blocks finished too.  Wanna see?

JRQAL block 12 001
One for me and one for LTW.

Don't they look great together??  I made a mistake with the pond fabric so I bought some more only mine was green rather than the aqua version.  What do you think??

12 Days block 10  0112 Days Blcok 1012 Days block 10

I spent time at the gym this morning too. Two hours to be exact. I did an hour of body pump then an hour of Zumba. It was a good morning! Then I came home and showered. I decided to work on my Layer Cake quilt. After all I had finished my last block and I need this quilt finished by the end of May for my niece's graduation from high school. I layed out the blocks on my design wall couch and tried to decide what color I wanted for sashing. I had thought to use white but the blocks had so much white that I felt I needed a different color for the sashing. I had one of the big floral prints to use in the border so I put that one next to the blocks and had one of those eureka moments. I'm gonna keep you in suspense since by the time I finished it was dark, but I will tell you that I went out to JAF to look for some fabric to use that would work. When I got back I found this. Jack laying on top of my layout of layer cake blocks. I got some great shots of him.
Jack 006
Jack 007Jack 010
Jack 008Jack 009
Isn't he a gorgeous model for my layer cake blocks??  Oh Jack!  My bestest furry buddy.  He is sitting right next to me as I type this too.  He is never very far away from me when I'm home.  DH comes home tomorrow afternoon.  I miss him when he's gone.  I got this top DONE today!!  I will show you the rest of this tomorrow.  I am hoping to work on the other layer cake quilt top tomorrow as well as trace my block three of Birdie Stitches and another embroidery project.  I need to finish my cleaning and laundry too and there is a special Zumba photo shoot tomorrow that I said I would go to for our instructor (she didn't want to be on the poster without some students doing the routines).  I guess I should throw in some laundry and hit the hay.  ~XOP~


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your Twelve Days BOM blocks are so cute Pam! I'm going to work on mine tomorrow!

Crispy said...

Couldn't see all the blocks, Flickr said they weren't available....darn. Love what I could see though and that Jack.....he's so nice to test those blocks out for comfort-ability LOL.


dianne said...

oooo!!! i LOVE that green basket block with the well-placed flowers!!!

Brita said...

Jack is quite the handsome fellow, and yes, he looks great on the blocks. Which, btw, are great!

Vickie said...

I love your blocks and your top and who could resist sweet Jack!!!!

Allie said...

Oh Jack you are such a ham - gorgeous quilt Pam!

Yumm yumz by patticakes said...

I love how cats find the BEST seat in the house - Mr. Jack is the perfect compliment to your beautiful quilt!

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