Monday, April 18, 2011

Earlier in The Week

I told you I would fill you in on earlier in the week activities so here you go.  Anyone know Denyse Schmidt?  LOL.  She is a fabulous fabric/quilt designer.  She came out with a new line of fabric recently and it is available at Joann Fabrics.  I read about it on a group on Flickr that was just talking about it one morning and it went nuclear by the end of the day.  I went to my JAF and they had all 21 prints.  I bought a little of each one.  Then I asked if anyone in the Flickr group wanted some.  I had 5 people send me requests so back out to the JAF I went.  I stopped at the one near my work at lunch time and got most of what the other people wanted, and all with coupons!  Then I stopped at my JAF and got the rest.  Two of my packages went out internationally, to Canada and Australia!

I had to cut all the yardage up and send the right amounts to everyone so I went over to Cori's (Crazy Quilt Girl's) house and she cut while I folded and placed on the correct paperwork.  Here is what the stacks looked like (Oh and for some yummy eye candy notice it is sitting atop Sherbet Pips, which she currently has all the bolts of!)

The three biggest packages:
DS Fabric 002 

I happened to find this amazing sewing basket covered with Henna Garden too.  The lovely Autumn is modeling it!  I couldn't show it before b/c I gave it to QQ for her birthday!

Ok so that catches you all up until Sunday. On Sunday I worked on the tumbler top I am making for my nephew and his new wife as their wedding gift. I have it almost done. I will show it when I get room enough to spread it out and take a photo, which will probably be on Wednesday night, maybe I'll take some closer up ones for you to see. Does anyone have any experience with trimming the sides up? I haven't done that before and I am a little nervous about cutting it up, but don't want to bind it as a zig zag kind of thing.

Hallie was my supervisor while I was sewing.
It is snowing here at the moment. We are supposed to get 2-4 inches! BOO!! This is April, time to quit snowing!!

Hope you all had productive weekends too!! I will be drawing the giveaway at lunch time so you still have an opportunity to leave a comment until noon EST. Thanks for commenting. I have read them all and will be responding back soon if I haven't already. I have a meeting to go to until noon so I will draw as soon as I get back to the lab. ~XOP~


Lee said...

The DS is lovely - I found some at JoAnns too!

Mommarock said...

Oh my goodness.. SNOW!! I'm so sorry!! I'm not a big lover of either extremes in temperature. No thank you on the Snow.. I've had my share over the years.. and of course I had to move to where it is overly hot... so I stay in the A/C most of the time.. LOL.. I hope things warm up for you soon.. but not TOO much.

ShirleyC said...

My goodness! That was a lot of work. How very nice of you to do that!

Unknown said...

Ohh my now I will have to go to Joannes and do a seek and find....thanks for the heads up.

Mary-Kay said...

What's the name of her new fabric line? I'd like to see some because you're the second person in as many days to be talking about her fabric. It must be something good!

Poppyprint said...

Wow, how nice of you to broker Denyse's new fabric. I am trying to resist the lure of fabric line lust!

Mike and Jackie said...

I am going to have to look at Denyse's new line. I have heard a little buzz about it. Ti's raining here today. Can't wait until summer.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

How sweet of you to get the DS fabric for your friends. I haven't seen it in person yet, but it looks beautiful.

Catskill Quilter said...

Yes, we do love that Denise Schmidt fabric -- but I must admit, I do love the lovely Autumn more! I do love reading your posts, AND seeing your cats. How could we make quilts at all if we did not have cats for quality control?

Deb said...

Our local JFS didn't have a clue what I was talking about when I asked for DS fabric, picnic or the other I went searching on my own and found it together. They need to look at the top of the bolts for a blue label noted as DS Quilts Collection - so then I educated the gals at the cutting table. Obviously they're not big quilters or bloggers.

Crispy said...

So that's what you have been up to LOL. It's almost like you opened a little quilt shop :0) It's great that you did all that shopping for the others.

I bet Pauline loved the basket :0)


rubyslipperz1052 said...

Howz come...our JoAnn's isn't that fashionable? Sheesh!!! Ok...and ANOTHER "party" with fabric...and I'm left out?


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