Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

I took a great video of my cat Jack "Marking" (aka rubbing his face) all over the Easter baskets and the chocolate as if to say "This is mine, if you need/want candy go and get your own!"  I will try to insert the video when I get home.  The new blogger editor doesn't like to upload with my Mac here at work so you will have to view the photos instead!
Easter 2011 001Easter 2011 002He loved him some Easter candy (No, I didn't actually give him any chocolate, it's not good for his kitty digestion!)

My daughters brought me this beautiful flowering Hyacinth plant.  I LOVE the smell!  That was the cake we bought for dessert, a strawberry short cake type thing from Sam's club.  Normally I would bake but still not feeling well has some advantages = )  Also the lazy Easter bunny just put all the candy into a bowl instead of hiding the filled eggs like he usually does.  I guess he figured that since all the kids are over 20 maybe they didn't need to find hidden eggs anymore?  What do you think?
Easter 2011 003
We had a wonderful day, all three kids were home and DD1 with her boyfriend.  We ate good food, and watched a lot of movies.  I even got the two rows of tumblers for the back of the tumbler quilt sewn together.  That means I could package up all the left over fabrics and the left over tumblers and get them ready to go to their new home with Katy in the UK. (all except for the brown).
Natural Effects TumblersNatural Effects left over yardage 
I even got the label traced onto fabric to be embroidered for Project Special Delivery!   So QQ it will be coming your way soon!!!
Project Special Delivery label 
I was in a quandry how to do this and make it neat, then I though, "hey, why not print it out from the computer and then trace it?"  BRILLIANT!!  (and neat), so this is what I ended up with.  Once it is embroidered I will put it into an improv type block and combine it with 2 more on the back.  Next up is to finish the actual PSD improv quilt top.

I'm finally beginning to feel like myself although I am still horribly congested.  I bought a Nettie pot and tried it, (gross) but it cleans out the sinuses.  And did I tell you how much I love Nyquil??  I used it for the first time last night and slept like a baby!  Amazing.  Now I need my head to drain and all will be back to normal!  How was your weekend?? 


Keep Stitchin' said...

We hid eggs for our kids until we had grandchildren three years ago. Now the little guys are finding eggs, and it's fun!
I love the colors and fabrics you chose for your tumbler quilt! I made one years ago, very scrappy, no particular color scheme, but lately I have been thinking of doing a new one in a planned color scheme like yours.
Sounds like you had a nice Easter! We did, too!

Impera Magna said...

I'm glad you're feeling more like yourself and hope that you're back to 100% very soon!

I like laid back holidays... who says the mom has to work her tail feathers off and not enjoy the day? Nothing wrong with new traditions either...

StitchinByTheLake said...

Beautiful weekend here with friends! I'm glad you're better - you're definitely sounding a bit more like yourself. :) blessings, marlene

Mommarock said...

I really hate NyQuil.. but when I am sick I will try everything.. until I finally give NyQuil a shot.. and then feel better.. why does it have to taste so gross!!??

Annemiek said...

My kids, 25, 23, 20 STILL want me to hide coloured eggs..but..I'm not playing Easterbunny anymore. They still want home-painted/coloured eggs, but if they want that, they should paint their own. Quilting DD does!
Hope you'll feel 100% soon!
(oh, and I really like the tumbler colours!)

dianne said...

the tumbler quilt is waaaay cool! and i REALLY like the idea of printing out a label and then tracing it - you ARE clever!

and you need to take care of yourself, cuz you'e the only you i know (and we all know that it's all about ME)!

dot said...

Nyquil can be your best friend. I don't use anything but!! Av big swig and all is well.

Sherrill said...

Mr. Fang does that all the time but I didn't realize he was marking--I thought he was scratchin' his face on the edge of the 'puter screen!! LOL And that's too funny about the Nettie pot..the gals at bunco tonight were talkin' about how much they love theirs. Will hafta try it next time I need one!

Crispy said...

Any of my cats would have been in BIG trouble just being on the table let alone marking stuff on it LOL. At least it was just his face :0)

I'm glad to hear you are feeling much better. Nyquil is my best friend when I have a cold.


Allie said...

Well that sounds like a fun Easter! Sorry to hear you're still sick...I LOVE Nyquil - first hint of a cold and I stock up, along with Vernor's. Feel better!

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