Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Gifts In The Mail

Remember my post telling you all about getting the DS fabric for some of my Flickr friends?  I charged them exactly what it cost me AND I used coupons for everything too.  The only thing I asked was that if these people had some things on my ISO list maybe they could send me a little sum-sum, ya know?  My Flickr friends are great! I got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from Dana and Thread, just take a little lookie:

From Dana and Thread

Obviously Heather Ross' Munki Munki is on my ISO and Swell (and Sweet too) are on my ISO list.  How very generous she was to me!!

Have you discovered the wonderful community of Flickr yet?  I think many bloggers use a photo sharing website to host our photos, I know I do.  Flickr is one of the choices, Picasa and Photobucket are 2 others.  I LOVE Flickr.  In addition to hosting my photos I can follow my friends and see all their photos, make new contacts (or friends), I can use Picnik from Flickr to edit my photos, I can use FM (Flickr Mail) to send email to my Flickr friends.  I can join groups and boy have I done that!!  There is a Flickr group for anything, you name it, there's a Flickr group devoted to it!  In those groups you can have discussions with others that share your passion for whatever the group is all about.  For instance, I am part of a swap group and boy do those ladies know a LOT about a LOT and always have tips about things like sales and new fabric lines coming out and many, many MANY other things.  I now understand when my friend Lynne told me she was just doing Flickr and hadn't blogged in awhile, it's THAT good!!  I know, I know, you are already on the computer a lot now and you don't want something else to do, BUT I promise if you get involved in the community you will love it too!!

OK public service statement time is done, LOL.  Seriously though, go check out Flickr...really...GO...RIGHT NOW!!

Don't tell me you are still reading!  *G*O*!!


Mommarock said...

How sweet! Momma always said be good and it will come back to you 10 fold... She always ends up being correct! Lesson #83434.. Listen to Momma!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a sweet thank you for your generous foot work Pam!

Karen said...

That's pretty cool. How do you list what you are ISO?

Poppyprint said...

I heart Flickr big time, too.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

LUCKY DUCK!!! one the charm packs! Flicker...well, you gotsta understand...I'm already riding a few learning curves right now. Meeee weee pea brain (you thought i might spell pea with all "e"s?...nope!).... can't handle too many learning curves at once... lol


Crispy said...

Oooo a nice exchange!! I use Picasa and quit all the groups I once belonged to. Blogger keeps me plenty busy AND I'm not on the computer all day LOL.


Allie said...

What lovely mail! I use flickr too, LOVE it!

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