Monday, November 14, 2011

Cold and Rainy

It is a COLD and rainy day here.  It makes me want to curl up into a ball and sleep.

Aiden 002

Cats 003

Jack 06

Anyone else feel like that when it's cold and rainy? ~XOP~


Allie said...

I KNOW! It's been thundering here too - and we lost power, but thankfully it came back in a short time. I enjoyed your NYC pics, Pam!

Brenda said...

Yes yes yes!!!

Impera Magna said...

Well.... it was bight and sunny here today with highs in the mid- to upper-70s... not exactly nap weather... but definitely a day where you wish you could sit outside and read...


RobynLouise said...

Love the cat in a circle. Amazing how they adapt to whatever shape the 'comfy' place is!
Being computerless for a couple of weeks I'm just catching up (backwards)and I love all the Museum pics and the architecture. Love all the statues with horses in them but that spider was a bit big for my liking :O.
Hoping the weigh in went well and wondering what the silk will be used in :).
I'll have to 'do' the rest of the trip later!Thanks for posting so many pics.

Denise :) said...

All your purr-babies are curled up so sweetly! It was a mostly grey day here today, but no rain and very mild. But I stitched and pressed and cut and stitched some more. It was a great day! :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We have gotten warm here. My fur babies will curl up almost any weather, but they come to cuddle curl when it is colder.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

I tend to want to move more when it is a bit chilly than when it is hot. I don't know why, but, hot weather turns my blood to molasses =P
I'm wierd, but, I really LUV the rainy/gloomy weather.

Did you get to curl up with your kitties?


Mrs Quilty said...

So sweet...kitties always look so cozy and warm when they curl up like that!

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