Thursday, November 03, 2011

. Trip to NYC Day 1

We were up bright and early yesterday morning and left around 6am.  I think I slept through most of Ohio!  We were almost into Pennsylvania when I started paying attention.  We did stop at a toll stop along the Ohio toll road to stretch and potty and get a bite to eat.  Then back into the car.  DH let's me choose a couple of quilt shops on the way out to stop at so I was busy looking for a shop.  Finally decided on one, took us 15 min out of our way.  They didn't open until noon on Wed.  (he was not very happy with me) but I redeemed myself when I put the next one in the GPS and it got us right back on track.  It was one we had stopped at 2 years ago.  It was a quilt shop and a country store.  I can't remember the name of it but will look it up later and let you know.  Can you believe I did not buy any quilt related items??Although they did have a lot of OOP Moda pre-cuts like Swanky which I really like) I did however find a rug that is perfect for my front door. (photos later) and an adorable green sweater jacket.  Funny thing when I brought the jacket to show him he told me he had been looking at the same one b/c it matched my green shoes!!  Gotta love him!!  So that's what I bought there.  Off to the second shop. 
This one was one we had not been to before and it was HUGE.  Cool thing?  There were loads of older lines so if there was something you were looking for you might be able to find it there.  I even managed to score a JR of Sweet!!!  I also got 2 yards of Sebastian the cat on orange (from the Ghastlies line) again photos later of the loot.

Now into the real business of driving.  We stayed off of 80 and took the back way.  Luckily DH remembered how we had done that before and it took us through the town of Benzette.  A small community that has become famous for their Elk population.  We drove through the little town and look what we saw

New York Trip Day 1 2011 001

Of course there was lots of beautiful scenery but it is difficult to take amazing photos while speeding down the roads! LOL. Lots of hills and fall colors and we followed a river.  More pics on my Flickr if you are interested!

New York Trip Day 1 2011 005

At one point we were in this small town and saw this adorable church

New York Trip Day 1 2011 009

Then we kept going and I was looking for some photo ops and as we were going along an area following a rr track I saw what I thought were statues of Elk. Only they weren't statues at all it was a herd of them!! So I asked DH to turn around, we found a safe spot to get out and walked back to where they were and I took a lot of pictures and a couple of videos. There were 23 of them in the herd and the alpha male was gorgeous!

New York Trip Day 1 2011 011New York Trip Day 1 2011 019

I know I was kind of far away and my camera doesn't zoom but I hope you can see them. Here is one of the videos

Traveling along the river was amazing, so beautiful!

New York Trip Day 1 2011 026New York Trip Day 1 2011 027

Have you eveer been driving along and come upon something so neat but unexpected? Well here was ours:
New York Trip Day 1 2011 030
Hahahaha, it was so cool DH turned around on his own so I could take this photo!! It was a place called Waltz's pumpkins or something like that and they had the most amazing pumpkins and gourds. I'm sorry I didn't think to get a photo of all his stuff on the other side of the street! Guess you will just have to take my word for it.

The last thing I will leave you with is the other view we had a lot of driving through the mountains which is the sheer rock faces often times on one side of the road during our drive. Just beautiful, and many times there are springs gushing forth from them.

New York Trip Day 1 2011 031

alright that's all I have time for at the moment. I need to shower, grab a bite to eat and begin my adventure in the city!! Stay turned today is going to be a great ride!!!

PS if you are following the FQ Stars QAL at Moose on the Porch I'm pretty sure my block is up today!!(Edited to read NEXT Tuesday!!, sorry!!) I would love to know what you think! ~XOP~


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I waved when you passed by - LOL!! Enjoy a safe trip.

Sara said...

Looks like an adventurous trip:)

The last pic reminds me of TN.

Denise :) said...

What a gorgeous drive y'all have had! Loved the video, too. I just checked and the new FQSQA isn't posted yet. I'm tickled it's one of yours! Yay!! :)

Vickie said...

How fun! The pictures are gorgeous! I checked also and your block has not posted yet! I am sure it is wonderful! I will check later! I am with Sara, the last picture reminds me of TN, too!

Brenda said...

Love that you were able to see so many elk at once. How do you get your videos to load. I tried two or three different ones a week or so ago and it just spun and spun and never loaded. Looks like you are off to a wonderful start for your trip!

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