Friday, November 11, 2011

A Momentous Date 11/11/11

Can you believe it is 11/11/11?  I have a friend that is having her baby today!  Makes me think back to 8/8/88 when I was in labor with my DD2.  (although she chose to come the next day, darn it all). I hope you all get to do something special today!

I tried to get some photos of my purchases but only managed to get the things I bought at the antique shop, which was the last stop.  I have to tell you about my "creepy angels" (as my kids call them).  When I was a little girl we had a "creepy" angel on the top of our tree.  When I got married and had a tree of my own I really wanted the angel but my mom told me it was hers.  I believe these angels, with their porcelain heads are from Japan originally, but I digress.  Several years later, one Christmas morning, I opened a gift from my mom and it was the angel.  She has been on my tree ever since.  In more recent days I have seen some more of this type of angel so I have been buying them when I see them.  This last trip I found 3 of them!  My favorite is the BIG magenta feather covered one.  Let me  show you. The first 2 are small. The red one is about 3" tall and the gold one is about 4-5" tall.

Small red angelFlapper angel

Could you just die looking at their adorable faces?? I love them. The magenta one is about 8" tall.

Magenta angel

The other thing I have taken a shine to are glass jar type things. I know most of you have seen these. Usually you see a chicken on a nest and you can lift the chicken off. A good friend bought me a rabbit, and my dad has one that's a cat. I have seen some different ones and I buy them sometimes if they are cheap ( a lot of the time they are not cheap!) I have never seen a duck, but here she is.


I should be home in time to take some photos of the rest of my spoils tonight before going to the gym.

Also, I have to thank you for saying you would watch the Back Road Quilt Shops show if I had one!! Believe it or not, I left a comment in the comment section on the Travel Channel website here. If you think it's a good idea too maybe you could go and leave a comment telling them so. I helped bring Mono Pezzy Prints back maybe you can help me do this!! How fun would that be??

MSU is playing basketball on an air craft carrier tonight for the first time. They are playing the number 1 ranked team, North Carolina. Should be a lot of fun. I hope we don't loose too badly! LOL I hope they can hold their own at least for awhile! Talk to you tomorrow!! ~XOP~


Impera_Magna said...

Best wishes to your friend as she has her baby today!

Went over to the Travel Channel site and left a comment about your TV show!


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Oh my goodness! That Magenta one is very similar the angel my grandparents used to have on their Christmas tree except with cream feathers. I have never seen another one like her or even similar. Thanks for sharing!

Quiltluver said...

Funny. I have the exact SAME red angel (the small one). I got it from my grandmother years ago. Love your new blog header.

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