Tuesday, November 08, 2011

NYC With My Sweetie!

Yep today was the big day.  I waited, and I waited and I waited some more for him to finish his training so we could go into the city together!  FINALLY he got back to the hotel and we could go.  We took the bus from our hotel in NJ into the city.  I did that every morning, so I knew how to do that!  It takes about 30 minutes to get there.  The first thing we did was go to Times Square.  I had kind of avoided going there knowing he would want to go there.  Actually we just breezed through on our way up to Central Park but I managed to shoot this video from the (I call them) viewing stairs.  It's a 360 video of Times Square so if you have never been here you go!

Now we were off again. Past Fox News, sigh I miss Glenn!

NYC Day 4 2011 004

Past Christies where there was this GIANT spider statue hey look, it's me about to be eaten by that spider!!

NYC Day 4 2011 006

Run Mama Spark, run!! OK I'm outta there and on my way again this time passing Rockefeller Plaza. It was fun to watch the ice skaters for a few minutes.

NYC Day 4 2011 008NYC Day 4 2011 007

On toward St. Patrick's cathedral, so breathtaking! I would have loved to have gone in but there was a wedding just coming out!

NYC Day 4 2011 011NYC Day 4 2011 015

Last time we were here there was another wedding at a different church! There are some beautiful old churches in NYC. And we're walking past Trump Tower and this fountain.

NYC Day 4 2011 016NYC Day 4 2011 017

There was this beautiful statue as we were entering Central Park

NYC Day 4 2011 018

Ah into the park. Should be a few less folks in here I think. Oh lookie, a Zoo! There is a zoo inside the park
NYC Day 4 2011 020

We didn't go into the zoo but walked past a few things we could view like the sea lion area and the Children's zoo.

NYC Day 4 2011 021NYC Day 4 2011 023

Then I saw one of the strangest things I have ever seen. A man walking his cat! You heard me right WALKING HIS CAT!!! And the cat seemed to like being walked!!

NYC Day 4 2011 022

Central Park is beautiful. We got a nice photo of the two of us on my iPhone but I didn't bring my cord to download it to the computer! Here are some of the park though.

NYC Day 4 2011 024NYC Day 4 2011 025

We were getting a little peckish and wandered by the Soupman. Sound familiar? Watch Seinfeld? YESSS this is where the Soup Nazi is from! "No soup for you!" But there was soup for us! You even get a little peek at DH in his Spartan hat!

NYC Day 4 2011 027

DH told me that we could go back to the garment district and get some more thread for Liz (and that he would even carry it for me!) so that was our next stop. (hmmm do you think I could convince him to go back to the shop with the other silk in it that I didn't buy the first time but regretted?)

This is how you know you have arrived in the garment/fashion district

NYC Day 4 2011 028

We found the shop with the thread and I bought 15 more spools!! (6000yards each!!) and guess what? You got it, that second bit of silk made it's way into the bag from the other shop too!! My DH is the BEST!!

One more trip into Times Square and a few cool shots to share with all of you and we are off, back to our hotel. I saw these and didn't have my camera ready so we waiied for them to scroll back so I could get the shots for you guys to see.

NYC Day 4 2011 033NYC Day 4 2011 034

You can see the ball that drops on NY eve on top of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building!! Cool huh? There were 2 more scenes and they are on my flickr as well as many photos of the entire trip not posted here on my blog if you are interested.

Sunday we are not going into the city just hanging out around the hotel and we leave on Monday to head for home. We are driving part way and spending the night with a couple of quilt shop stops in between! I promise I will take some pictures of my loot so you can see everything I have talked about on this trip! Thanks for coming along, just a little while longer and we will be home! ~XOP


Quilt n Queen said...

You have a keeper....have a safe trip...see you Wednesday!!

Impera_Magna said...

What fun... glad you got that silk you wanted as well as all that thread! I know you're having a wonderful time... thanks for sharing all the photos with us!

Vickie said...

I should have went to bed earlier! After all that walking I need a nap!! Anyway, I am so happy that you are having a great time! What a great guy your husband is! Thanks again for sharing!

Denise :) said...

I loved the video from Times Square, along with the tour through the park. And the pic of the needle through the button is awesome! One of the things my sisters and I have agreed we want to do when we go next year is ice skating (or watching) at Rockefeller Plaza and then go get hot chocolate at Serendipity! LOL! And that cat...I think it was actually enjoying plotting its escape! We used to have a cat that if we put a leash on her (like when we traveled and got out at rest stops) she'd hunker down like her legs were broken or we'd put something on her back that was weighing her to the ground! Glad to hear you're having *so* much fun!! And props to the DH! :)

Sara said...

So MUCH fun I don't know how you can stand it Pam!!

greelyrita said...

The thread I like to use comes on 6000m spools too. Does yours have a TEX #? Like, TEX40 or TEX27? Perhaps it says 40/3 or 27/2. I don't know what the numbers after the slashes mean. It might be the number of threads that are twined. Mine costs $5 in Montreal at a wholesalers. I found the same thread in Toronto last weekend for $10. I didn't get any in TO because I needed 9 spools.

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