Friday, November 25, 2011

Shop Till I Dropped!!

Yes, I was up at 5am and there was almost no lines today.  I think opening up at midnight made the lines at 6am non-existent!!  I went to JAF and got some flannel for my chenille blankets for $1.49/yd!!!  Then I got some other bargains and I got an additional 25% off too.  It was a good morning.  I went to Kohl's and got some great stuff there too.  Sweet Christmas gifts there.   I went to Meijer and got a Pyrex bowl set to use (not for Christmas) and that was great too.  Then I came home and spent time with the family, took out the neighbor's dog and drove DD2 to a friend's house.  I also went to the gym and the Salavation Army store and got an ugly Christmas sweater for DD2's BFF for an ugly Christmas sweater Christmas card they are planning on making together.  I also got some new creepy elves to add to DD2's creepy elf collection.  Someone had randomly tied them to a really ugly basket!! 

I have to go pick up DD2 and all her friends after the bar tonight so I need to get some sleep soon so I will be able to get them at 2am or so!  HAHA at least they are being responsible!!!  I will be snuggling up with a cat or 5 and will look like Hallie does here. 


I hope you all got some shopping done today too. ~XOP~


Anonymous said...

You had a very busy day. I went back to Joann's this evening and got some more flannel. They weren't nearly as busy as this morning. lol

Foolish Feathers said...

I went to jo ann's and saw the flannel too! Suddenly I thought Of a million things I needed flannel for! We hit super target at 6:30am and it was dead. there were a million people at joann's though at 10:30am! My first black Friday and nothing crazy happened besides a few contractions! I am glad you enjoyed your day!

Anonymous said...

I was tired just reading your post! I would have had to stay up until 5, there's no way I'd *get* up at that time of morning!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Whirlwind 24 hours! Love those responsible revelers!

Denise :) said...

Haha! I've never been a Black Friday shopper...we do our traditional turkey soup and leftovers on Friday, along with a lot of football, cards, and movie-watching! And although my handicap placard might (might) have scored me some decent parking, rolling through the stores on my rollinator would NOT have been fun!! Glad you had a GREAT day!! :)

Allie said...

Ugh - no BF here - I'd rather stay home and nibble on leftover turkey, lol! I did go to my girlfriend's, she shopped online and saved a bundle. I helped *G*

Hope you're having a great weekend - love those elves, I have a few from my grandmother!

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