Monday, October 08, 2012

My Daughter Bought A House!

That's where I have been lately! 
 That and of course my dad.  
My daughter closed on her first house on Monday of last week.  
It is a relatively small, 2 bedroom house with a garage, barn, attic, basement 
and almost 9 acres of land!! 
 Want to see it?  
Well OK, if you insist!!

So here is a walk around the outside:

 Our dog, Abbey LOVES it at Long Feather Lane Farm!

This is the barn/garage. 
 My DH is framing up the barn side for the peafowl to spend the winter in.

 Let's go in the back door now and up the steps to the dining room or down the stairs to the basement.

Oh here we are in the dining room.  

It is not quite this violently red, stupid flash!

 Oops we walked through the dining room and through the totally messy kitchen.

Turn around and you are in the living room.  

Loving the view from the living room!

 Continuing to the front of the house you will find the front door on the left and

 the door to the fenced in side yard on the right.

Just before you would go out the side door there is another door on your right leading up the stairs to a very small room.

This would be that small room! 
 I am 5'4" and I can stand up in it but if you were much taller you would not be able to stand upright.  Not sure what they were doing with this room.

 Where the kitchen and the living room join up is a hallway
 leading to the 2 bedrooms and the bathroom.  

Master bedroom on the right, guest bedroom on the left, bath straight ahead.

 Guest room


 Master bedroom, check out those built in book shelves! 

 Window in the Master bedroom looking out at barn. 

 Attic access door on the right.

Nice closet!

 Purple carpet was a plus for her as it's her favorite color!

 This is the meadow on the side of the house.  We think this used to be their garden.

 This is the barn/garage from the outside.

 This is taken from behind the barn looking into the 8 or so acres she owns.

Appliances are on order and things are falling into place.  
We are so happy that she was able to get her own place! 
 She will have to get a dog for protection and company. 
 She is already scouting out cats and her peafowl and 
chickens will be moving from Liz's farm to hers.  
Life is busy!!

I do have some quilt related things to show but wanted to show you the house first!



grendelskin said...

What a great place! I love that the boxes are barely moved in but the peacocks are already at home in the living room window!

yorkie mom said...

Beautiful house and land. So exciting for your daughter to have her own home!

Jenny said...

holy smokes! that is a lot of land! what a great house though...and who would have thought! purple carpet! that upstairs room will be good for kids for quite a few years, right? :)

Sheila said...

This is a great house! Congratulations!

Sara said...

My favorite attribute of it is that sitting window in the living room of course. One day I am going to get one! Owning your first home is so awesome!!! Congrats to Shelby!!

Love the barn--would make it a sewing studio-lol!

Lots of land good for her:):):):)

Impera_Magna said...

What a lovely house... just charming! And so much land too! How exciting! Congratulations to Shelby!!!

Brenda said...

How fun! It is just perfect for her!

Mary Ann said...

How lucky for your daughter to be able to buy this home with all the land. It looks really great around her property and I am sure she will absolutely love living there.

Anna said...

What a fantastically fun place! She will be busy and fall into bed in happy exhaustion! Congrats!

Karen said...

Looks fantastic and huge! Congrats to your daughter!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a lovely home!!

Rachel said...


Quilt n Queen said...

Congratulations to Shelby....what a beautiful property and a lovely house to call home. It has been a long wait to find the right house but well worth it....enjoy!!

Foolish Feathers said...

Congrats to your daughter!! Also congrats to you for your moda recipe! I almost never go there these days, but when I took a random stop in I saw your lovely creation! Very nicely done!

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