Sunday, July 07, 2013

A2MQG Retreat Continued

I said I would show you more from the retreat weekend.  
We stayed in the barn.  
When you walked in this was what you would see.

There is one room before this one and the stairs to the upstairs is on the left of where I was standing. 
My seat is the one with the blue case sitting there.

The TV was a straight shot from my seat!
I was happy I brought an extra light though as
 I didn't happen to have one of the overhead lights over my seat.

I also had a great view of Emily's design wall and 

Also Emily and her beautiful quilt top!

We are lucky that for some of the time it was raining, so we felt pretty great staying in to sew!

It was a happening place!

Marilyn was making some sampler blocks using Backard baby and were they ever cute!

Brenda and Ginia came up with a block design that uses color in a unique way. 
 Watch for a pattern for the whole quilt.

I think that completes the rest of the retreat info that I have to share.

I had a super productive weekend and will share more about that tomorrow.
I hope you all had a great weekend too.



Brenda said...

Wow this looks like fun. A quilt retreat is on my bucket list.

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